Nightmare Fuel / Bones

Considering the sheer variety of everything that happens to the assorted victims shown throughout the course of the show, there's bound to be quite a few disturbing situations and ways to die. As this section mostly features causes of death, ALL SPOILERS ARE UNMARKED.

  • 'The Girl in the Fridge'. The title reference is to a victim who was held captive in an old refrigerator and suffered increasingly worse pain because she couldn't turn over. And all the killers did was keep her quiet by giving her more and more drugs.
  • The murders of the girls in "Two Bodies in the Lab" - torn apart by dogs, amongst other unpleasant things. And the fact that it could have been Bones' fate at the end if Booth hadn't showed up.
  • "The Man in the Cell": Howard Epps set the fireman who tried to save him on fire, and sawed off the head of his ex-wife. While they were still alive.
  • "The Past in the Present": Pelant killed Ethan Sawyer by paralyzing him, cutting non-important arteries in his body, and leaving him to be eaten by wolves while still alive.
  • "The Man in the Morgue" - the way it's shot, the way the murders are performed. All of it.
  • "The Corpse on the Canopy": The SERBERUS soldier Pelant killed was tortured for days with needles on his spine, until the extreme continuous pain gave him a heart attack.
  • "The Sense in the Sacrifice": Agent Flynn, like Ethan Sawyer before him, was paralyzed by Pelant and left alive while his liver was removed.
  • Season 7, episode 2. The snake is hidden in the body, alive? Argh!!
  • Pam Nunan from "The Wannabe in the Weeds". Her stalking of Booth is deeply unnerving.
  • The Gravedigger.
  • The boy at the beginning of "The Change in the Game": "Do you know what they do to little boys who are bad, even on their birthday?" ... cue the body of the week ...
  • "The Headless Witch In the Woods": The filming the victim made is straight out of a badly made horror movie but it works so much, Angela has to play rock music loudly so she doesn't faint from the screaming. In the film, there's also a thudding sound of an axe striking something, markings of the Witch's eyes strewn about the forest and at the end, Hodgins and Angela see something humanoid shaped behind the murder victim, looking a lot like the witch who supposedly lived there.
    Angela: Can I stay at your place tonight?
  • "The Doom in the Boom". Cam steps away from the scene, and gets to witness her team being blown up. The shocked and horrified look on her is plain to see.
  • The M.O. of Season 11's serial killer, the Puppeteer; which is turning his victims' corpses into life size puppets.
  • In "The Price for the Past", Aldo Clemens was brutally tortured by having rats burrow into his body while still alive. He ended up killing himself to end the suffering.