Nightmare Fuel / Blade Runner

  • In some cuts of the film it takes three shots for Pris to finally stop screaming.
    • Her screaming coupled with a seizure. Dear god.
  • Fingers in the eyes. Urgh.
  • The climax, where Deckard is being stalked through a deteriorating building by a sadistic, ludicrously strong replicant who is losing its grip on sanity. The movie did a brilliant job at showcasing the horror of being hunted down and toyed with by a psychopath you canít possibly defend against.
    • From the climax, Deckard getting his fingers broken by Batty. There's a reason that the original home video release had a warning on the box about the violence level in this movie...
    • The damn Psychopath was howling...
      "I can see you!"
  • The romantic scene between Deckard and Rachael looks a lot like rape. Rachael just killed a replicant, found out she is one herself and learned that her entire life is a lie. I don't think she's on the mood for sex right now. When Deckard kisses her neck she gets up and tries to leave, but he stops her, slamming the door shut when she opens it. Then he throws her against the window, kisses her again, and makes her tell him to kiss her. She does it, but even if she really wanted him and was consensual (which doesn't seem the case, considering she looks worried-terrified during the whole scene), he's taking advantage of the fact she's all messed up because of all the recent discoveries.
  • The scene where Deckard shoots Zhora. At one point it looks like her heart pops out of her chest, and she still keeps running...