Nightmare Fuel / Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian

  • The ED, done in live action, is very creepy. What the hell is that unholy thing inside the trunk?! The way things are going, this series may need its own page by the time it's done. Is Studio Gainax going Darker and Edgier again?
    • In Episode 2, there's a seemingly innocent and unfortunate young woman who had such a deep fear of abandonment and such a harsh upbringing that she ended up killing people to make them "stay" with her.
    • Episode 4 sets the bar pretty high.
    • Episode 5 features a true magician who can perform magic without a Phantom Book, who kills people by turning their blood to mercury, not to mention his "daughters," including one homunculus. And everything he does is For Science! Granted, his victims got better, but it was still damn creepy.
    • Episode 6 explores a village where 80% of the inhabitants are Replacement Goldfish puppets who will panic when something unfamiliar appears and try to kill whatever caused their stress. At their creator's command, they go after the Hero of Another Story, and get burned down to nothing.
    • Episode 7 continues this trend, focusing on Fantastic Drug users who go to extreme lengths to satisfy their addiction, repeatedly stabbing the creator of said drug (perfume). They also Feel No Pain, until they're hit with another perfume, which amplifies their sense of touch to an excruciating degree. Yet another perfume is able to actually drive people to commit suicide!
    • One of the first stories in the light novels has this in spades. The head chef is using a Phantom Book to make the ultimate dish... Her end result is to feed her master his own brain, while he's still alive! He doesn't notice that his soup is being served from his own cranium.