Nightmare Fuel / Beyond Good & Evil

  • During the mission in the Nutripils Factory, one of Jade's objectives is to photograph a member of the Alpha Sections with his helmet off. You might think this is just to name and shame the conspirators, until you find out what they look like underneath their helmets.
    • It gets even worse when you see it later on the M Disc and that music is playing.
  • The human trafficking in the factory and the slaughterhouses is frankly unsettling in and of itself, especially if you haven't figured out yet what the DomZ plan to do with them. Scanning the crates with your camera before the X-ray pretty much proves that something is still alive in there. Then they start abducting children. Heck, one young NPC disappears later in the game.
  • The way the DomZ monster deals with the Alpha Section who didn't neutralize all the intruders. There's no warning, no words spoken, no clear idea exactly what the thing is doing to him as he groans in agony. All we know is that, when it's finished, he hits the ground as a corpse and the beast turns its attention to Jade.
  • Crochax aren't particularly scary by monster standards, especially when you've whacked a few of them already, but they aren't half fast and they can reduce you to button-mashing if they attack in groups.
  • The dead cow in the laboratory. Were you really expecting that in this game?
  • In the DomZ base, Double H sums it up well.
  • The appearance of the Pterolimax has shades of Nothing Is Scarier. At first, the Pterolimax are shown as two goofy faces with mad grinning expressions on them, and after you cross a bridge to meet them, they play "peek-a-boo" when you try and photograph the pair. That bridge was its tail, and those two "faces" are its eyestalks.
  • The whales that suddenly appear if you drive your hovecraft too far away from the game's "map", and also the one in space.