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Nightmare Fuel: Bens City
Despite the jolly tone of Ben's City, there's still a small bit of things that could be looked at and considered scary. Here's a few of those thing.

  • A travel counselor entirely vanishes from existence after suggesting Ben goes look at the website of another travel agency, one that is presumably better and cheaper.
    Scott: Honest people really are disappearing.
  • At the end of season 2, the description of International Fuelers, which can almost be considered their entire world's Big Bad.
    Lucien: That company is owned by International Fuelers, they exploit a part of mankind to cultivate sugar, they own almost all that's left of gasoline, all gun factories, they profitably exploit the international debts, as well as the most recent Justin Bieber bobblehead prototype...
    • This gets even worse when you realize that even if this remains an exaggeration of real life, the less comedic aspects in this description are pretty close to reality. It hurts to hear that. You see now why we can call them the show's Big Bad?
    • Likewise, Don Vader is kind of scary at first until we find out that he's a guy speaking in a soup can.
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