Nightmare Fuel / Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

  • The infamous hallucination trip scene is a deranged display of Nightmare Fuel. This includes, but isn't limited to, Butt-Head's skin melting off, demonic versions of the duo eating and deep-frying little monsters, and an undead version of the two literally headbanging their skin off.
  • The video footage of the X-5 unit's test subjects. In order, we are shown: One subject vomiting repeatedly on the floor, the next writhing in pain, and the last subject already dead and having the covers pulled over his face by a person in a hazmat suit. One of the agents watching the video then run off to vomit.
  • The opening sequence wherein a gigantic Butt-Head ravages through the city has traces of this, considering his intent with the screaming woman he abducts.
    • Gigantic Butt-Head becomes a bit of Mood Whiplash though, as the first words out of his mouth in this sequence are a chuckling "This is cool!" And what does he say to the screaming, terrified woman he grabs? "Uh... hey babeh... I'm like... pretty tall!"
  • Muddy Grimes is pretty damn creepy when he's enraged.
    • Hell, he even manages to briefly scare both Beavis and Butthead into silence when he shoots the TV, considering how the two teens normally are, that's something.
  • Beavis's psychotic rampage after taking mystery pills.
  • The fact that in the desert, Beavis and Butt-Head were on the brink of death from dehydration, collapsed and accepting their imminent death, being hungrily eyed by several vultures. Immediately becomes a funny moment when Beavis smacks one of them away, saying "Cut it out, butthole!"