Nightmare Fuel: Batman: Under the Red Hood

  • Joker's absolutely brutal beatdown of Jason Todd in the opening scene.
  • Red Hood's commandeering of several gangs and drug dealing operations by arranging a meeting. One of the more skeptical dealers asks why they should work for the Hood. Cue duffel bag.
  • The Joker's almost casually brutal slaughter of four of Black Mask's gunmen, starting with just these words: "May I have some water?"
  • Jason Todd's resurrection scene and his sequential freak-out.
    • What makes it more terrifying is Vincent Martella's performance. Just imagine Phineas Flynn screaming like he's in horrible agony.
  • Black Mask's face, though not his character.
  • Red Hood shooting a Molotov cocktail that a mook was holding, setting him on fire (a sight that the audience is mercifully spared).