Nightmare Fuel: Alone in the Dark

  • The first game:
    • The ghosts; if you touch them, they come to life and chase you everywhere, with a constant demonic groaning noise, and Interface Screw via the screen shaking.
    • Reading "De Vermis Mysteriis" while standing outside the marked tile causes your character to utter a horrified moan as an unseen force bodily lifts them up, and then very quickly and with no warning snaps their spine in half and hurls their broken body back to the ground.
    • If you get clever and simply try to walk out the front doors before you're allowed to, you get eaten alive by the Great Old One waiting right outside.
  • The New Nightmare:
  • The 2008 game:
    • The park can be creepy; going around in a lonely silent place, and then you find an incredibly strong monster.
    • Even the Narm-tacular bad ending of the game gets pretty chilling at the very end.