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Nightmare Fuel: All in the Family
  • Episode "Edith's 50th Birthday". Edith is home alone when a man claiming to be a police officer gains entry and attempts to rape her. When Archie returns, the rapist threatens to kill both Edith and Archie if she tries to tell him what is going on. Perhaps the scariest part is when he tells Edith a rapist is loose in their neighborhood and starts describing him...and Edith realizes he's describing himself.
  • Episode "Archie is Branded." Archie wakes up to find a swastika painted on his door, only to find out it was meant for a Jewish household. The Mood Whiplash in this episode is unsettling. We go from a threatening letter, to a hilarious scene when the Bunkers mistake a package in the mail for a time bomb, only to find out they were cigars, to frank discussion on violence vs. self defence between Mike and a Jewish radical, to Edith and Archie having their fun discussions, this time on the meaning of Shalom, and we end with the same Jewish radical getting blown up in his car. The whole family, especially Archie, are horrified. And Mr. Munson predicted this would happen.

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