Nightmare Fuel: ABBA

  • You can't NOT be disturbed by "I'm a Marionette".
    • Especially if one remembers that: 1) This is from the same album as "Thank you for the music" (and is implied to be the ultimate fate of that girl), and 2) This came from a group that ended in Creator Breakdown.
    • Not making matters better is that Ghost covered it.
  • "The Visitors". It's been theorized to be about either a kidnapping, an alien abduction, a political prisoner's arrest, or a psychotic breakdown. Take your pick. Officially, the correct answer is the political prisoner one...
  • "Elaine" is also very nightmare-ish once you listen to the lyrics. "They tie your hands and tie your feet"
    • "they have your mind, they'll take your soul" Is the poor girl captured by a cult?!