Nightmare Fuel / A Tale of Two Sisters

  • The immediate aftermath of Su-mi's first nightmare. The utterly terrifying ambient score does not help.
  • The girl under the sink. The entire scene.
  • The ghost emerging from the cupboard to get Eun-ju. Not to mention the entire build-up to that scene...
  • The first nighttime scene in Su-yeon's bedroom. Her door slowly creaks open of its own accord... she shrinks back in fear... and after a moment of tenseness, a hand suddenly grips around the edge of the door. Gaaaah.
  • The scene where the wife of the girls' uncle starts having a fit. It is frightening enough the first time around, but, on a re-watch, if one believes the theory that she was being possessed, the scene takes on a very different light.
  • The bleeding floorboards.
  • The morning after Su-mi is told that Su-yeon is dead. Moo-hyeon leaves the house on an errand, and Su-mi is left in the house, becoming more and more terrified as her delusions spiral out of control.