Nightmare Fuel: AKIRA

  • After Tetsuo first escapes from the lab and is rescued from the Clowns by Kaneda and crew, he gets assaulted by horrific flashes of the future, including a nightmarish hallucination where he falls and hits the ground and spills his guts onto the ground and tries to scoop them back up.
  • The scene where Tetsuo and Kaori get cornered by a group of Clowns can be pretty hard to watch. Especially the part where one of them rips open her shirt, then punches her square in the face, knocking her out. Which causes her to faceplant on the ground. Keep in mind, this is a frail looking, terrified, 15 year old girl being both physically and sexually assaulted by guys twice her size. And all of it is played disturbingly straight.
  • There's the nightmare scene. After undergoing the experiment, Tetsuo is left to recuperate in what looks like a child's bedroom. He wakes up to see all the toys come together and form some kind of gigantic teddy bear with a monster-like right hand and a milk-spewing toy car that proceed to try to kill him.
    • And the soundtrack that's played....good GOD the soundtrack!
  • Tetsuo's way of dispatching hospital personnel - splat.
  • And then there's the mutation scene, where Tetsuo loses control of his powers and transforms into a giant human amoeba that consumes everything it touches, and we also get to see poor Kaori get slowly crushed to death in a bloody pulp inside of Tetsuo. The anguished cries of Tetsuo and Kaneda accentuate to the terror. And the music does not help...
    "Help me, Kaneda! Help, please!"
  • The official soundtrack for AKIRA is able to be frightening without words. Never try to listen to this at night with the lights off.