Nightmare Fuel / A Christmas Story

  • Scut Farkus: with yellow eyes, so help me God! When he first shows up, he's laughing maniacally and chasing Ralphie, Flick and Schwartz.
    • Schwartz's screaming "uncle!" while being essentially tortured is pretty disturbing.
    • Just before that freak gets the beatdown from Ralphie, he taunts the latter with faux-crying. The zoom-in on Scuts face while he does that and the shrill noise he makes is just....*shivers*. Gawd! That's one UGLY kid!
  • The scary department store Santa going into slow motion, with the music in the background slowing down to match.
    • Aided and abetted by the 1st Person POV fisheye camera shots as Ralphie goes up to see him. We see a distorted and fast view of a very bitter Santa (with lurid red nose) and two mean elves! HO... HO... HO.....
  • Schwartz being the victim of quite audible child abuse after Ralphie scapegoats him for the fudge incident.
  • The expression on Ralphie's face in the DVD cover for the movie is rather... disturbing.