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Nice Hat: Theater
  • Cirque du Soleil loves nice hats for its characters, ranging from bowlers to crowns to baseball caps to miscellaneous eccentric headpieces. The following specific examples are hats that also have special powers.
    • The blue top hat in Le Cirque Réinventé and its partial remake Fascination turns an "Ordinary Person" into a whimsical ringmaster; at the show's end he's changed back by removing it.
    • The blue bowler left behind by the title character in the opening scene of Quidam transports the Troubled Child Zoe to a Magical Land when she puts it on.
    • When The Everyman hero of the IMAX short Cirque Du Soleil Journey Of Man loses his familiar black bowler as a young man, a Satan analogue gives him a golden one that winds up granting him a fortune, knowledge, and power...but not true happiness, as he becomes an isolated middle-aged man. Once he realizes what he's lost and decides to reconnect with other people, he tosses it away for his old hat, found by a Vagabond Girl... and it has its own magic, turning him into a loving, lively old man.
    • In the final episode of the made-for-TV Widget Series Solstrom, the top hat worn by the doorman of the Coolest Club Ever controls his robot bouncers so long as he has it on. If someone else puts it on, the robots will obey them.
  • In Man of La Mancha, Don Quixote mistakes a barber's shaving basin for the Golden Helmet of Mambrino. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In The Golden Apple, Lovey Mars and Mrs. Juniper start a conversation by commenting on the magnificent hats they and Miss Minerva are wearing to the church social.
  • The Victor Herbert operetta Mlle. Modiste was set in a Parisian millinery, and one of its refrains ran: "Hats have made the woman, and they always will."
  • Les Misérables: Eponine is usually costumed with a rather nice brown Baker Boy hat.

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