Nice Hat / Advertising

  • Bradford and Bingley. OK, not such a good result there...
  • Zima. The memorable Catch Phrase of the first (otherwise forgettable) Zima commercial (in which the annoying Zima spokesman pronounced all "s"es as "z"s) was "Nize hat."
  • The Man Your Man Could Smell Like: "Night-vision top hat!"
  • Cap'n Crunch not only has a Nice Hat (with a "C" on the front, in case you forget his name) but it has been known to double as a weapon sometimes, usually when the Soggies are his enemies. In one commercial, it conceals a miniature Gatling gun (which uses his cereal as ammunition, naturally) and in another, he folds it into a working boomerang.
  • The Minder entry in Live Action TV mentions Arthur Daley's trilby. At the same time that the series was airing, Arthur's actor, George Cole, was making a series of adverts about a remarkably similar dodgy businessman "laughing all the way to the Leeds" as he took the proceeds of his dodgy dealings to his favourite building society. The only way viewers had to tell that this wasn't actually Arthur was that he wore a flat cap instead of the trilby.