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Never Live It Down: Videogames

  • Just like the Jean Grey example itself, Zero from Mega Man X is known in the fandom for dying and resurrecting at the drop of a hat, which isn't exactly fair. He's only died canonically, what, 3 times? He came back as a biometal. In the words of Sigma: "ZELLO! JUZDIE!" Perhaps this is because Zero is The Obi-Wan and the writers thought he was too Bad Ass to keep dead.
    • According to the creator, Zero was originally supposed to stay dead the first time. It didn't work out.
    • Fans also forget that X himself isn't much better. Zero was supposed to die in X5, but it was retconned to a near-death - and X himself also nearly died. Zero died later on when the Ragnarok Satellite fell, and by then X was already dead and even his 'cyber-elf' spirit had vanished from the physical world. And X was also brought back as a biometal same time as Zero. Discounting the retconned death, Zero has died twice, X once, and both have a close-call each.
    • Another example from the series: Guts Man of Mega Man 1, believed to be a Dumb Muscle mostly thanks to his portrayal in the animated series, and certainly not helped by his incarnation in Mega Man Battle Network. Mega Man Powered Up tried to correct this, by explicitly showing that, while Guts Man really isn't a genius, he's not that dumb, either.
    • From Mega Man Star Force, we have Luna, the Muggle who got blown up and then put back together again.
  • From Final Fantasy II: Poor, poor Firion. He was an orphaned kid who became one of the key fighters for the rebels, helped overthrow The Emperor, killed him when he came back to life after taking over the underworld, and in Dissidia is a hot-blooded, badass rebel who exhibits mastery of Final Fantasy II's entire battle system. But he gets seduced by one Lamia Queen, and no one—not even the staff who threw in two Mythology Gags in Dissidia for it—will let him forget it.
    • In addition, thanks to Dissidia Firion will forever be associated with the so-called "wild rose" and his dream of filling the world with roses.
  • From Final Fantasy IV, some people don't like Rosa much for the fact she's a Distressed Damsel, being sick with desert fever then getting kidnapped shortly after you cure her. Once you rescue her she stays by Cecil's side for the rest of the game, even when he tells her to stay behind because it's too dangerous.
    • Kain gets Brainwashed once, with a period between the Tower of Zot and Sealed Cave where Golbez loses the signal and has to retune it. Somehow that apparently translates into Heel-Face Revolving Door even though he only leaves and rejoins twice.
    • In the sequel The After Years Kain is evil again and Rosa spends most of the plot on the sidelines after fleeing from Baron before Kain kidnaps her. The other characters even wonder "Has Kain been brainwashed again?" Actually no, it's his Evil Counterpart / Enemy Without, the true Kain is known as the Hooded Man and is completely good. Rosa, unfortunately for her, has no such redeeming plot point. Could also be seen as Pandering to the Base—the other female character of the original game, not counting Porom, is Rydia, who is much more popular with the fans than Rosa. While Rosa spends most of the game out of action, Rydia is promoted to main female lead.
    • In-game example: Cecil attacks Mysidia under the (false) King Baron's command. When he returns, everyone hates him for it while he's walking around in Dark Knight armour. Some of them even curse him. Understandable. They keep cursing him , even after he's become a Paladin and started fighting alongside them. May fall under What The Hell, Townspeople?, but it still qualifies.
  • In Final Fantasy V, Bartz has a few comedic moments of malapropism, other goofiness, and harangues a turtle without realizing it's Sage Ghido so that the Ghido mocks his intelligence for the rest of the game. After he was flanderized from "simple" to "simpleton" in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, fans act as though even Bartz in the orignal game is always acting like a dope when, in truth, he gets his share of Only Sane Man moments.
  • Despite resolving the majority of his issues and becoming a confident leader by the end of the game, Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife will always be known as an angsty, navel-gazing introvert. Likewise, Aerith has been painted so heavily with the All-Loving Hero brush that most people forget that she was a spunky, energetic and flirty young woman who fell in love with a shadow of her dead first boyfriend and frequently caused problems by running off on her own. Interestingly, this creates something of a Hype Backlash, in that Square Enix is often accused of pandering to the extreme version of this, and stated in creation materials for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children that they characterized Cloud as angsty because they thought fans would be more familiar with such a depiction.
    • If it's not the Wangst, then it's the cross-dressing mission to get in Don Corneo's mansion. Even though it's optional, Robot Chicken, in a sketch about gay video game characters, included Cloud crossdressing and getting in a hot tub with other men in speedos.
  • Though not as negative as some examples here, Zidane in Final Fantasy IX will always be famous for that one scene—"Ooh, soft!". As well-known among fans of the game as that scene is, groping Garnet really was an accident and he apologized afterwards. He may be a Chivalrous Pervert, but he's more the former than the latter.
  • If there's one thing Tidus and Yuna will always be remembered by, it will be the infamous "fake laugh" scene. What many fail to realize is that the laughter was supposed to sound forced. Even the other characters wonder what is wrong with them.
  • In Final Fantasy XII, Vaan asks Fran how old she is, which is insensitive and the entire party chews him out for it, but under the circumstances isn't a bad question (the scene just before implies Fran is over fifty years old, and that Viera live far longer than humans). Additionally, some Alternative Character Interpretation posits that he asked her that question rather than asking her about her possibly painful past in her Hidden Elf Village. Then in Dissidia 012, his opening quote to Shantotto, Prishe and Ultimecia is to ask how old they are, and he asks the same about Cosmos in a storyline scene.
  • In Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning punches Snow on two separate occasions - in extreme circumstances and while under an enormous amount of emotional stress. Probably due to the fact that it was a) heavily featured in the trailers, b) "awesome," and c) what many players wanted to do at that point, fanfic features her decking Snow full-force at the drop of a hat. They also tend to forget that she defrosted a lot over the course of the story, and she is told point-blank by Fang (whom she also hits) that punching people to relieve her emotional stress is a bad thing that solves exactly zero of their current problems, and she noticeably stops doing so when she realizes the truth in that statement. Dissidia 012 responds as it has with its other characters by portraying her as the fan view of her as super stoic and hostile.
    • Hope will forever be known as the whiney Mamas Boy with a revenge complex. However, his journey to overcome his irrational and adolescent desire for revenge (a coping mechanism for seeing his mother die before his eyes and not understanding why) is his main character arc, which resolves about halfway through the game.
    • Snow himself is hated for supposedly having a hero complex and being obsessed with Serah (you know, his fiancée). But one of the first observations made about Snow in-game (by Vanille) is that he's "all-talk", and it very quickly becomes clear that Snow is talking big to cover for deeper insecurities.
  • Kairi only gets properly kidnapped twice in the Kingdom Hearts series (both in II, and in the first instance she actually escapes on her own; the first game had her lifeless body held captive by Riku but her heart/essence safe with Sora, and Riku was protecting her body), yet most of the fandom apparently will forever deem her a Damsel Scrappy who "always gets kidnapped" regardless.
    • Tetsuya Nomura will absolutely never live down zippers. Nomura used lots of zippers when designing Kingdom Hearts; for the simple reason that it was a popular trend among children in Japan at the time. Nowadays, everything Nomura ever did or ever will do will be characterized for tons of zippers everywhere, from shoes to hats. You can point out all of his characters who have no zippers (even Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep features a generous amount of zipperless characters), but to no avail. And if it isn't zippers, then it's belts; but less mocked because belts are a more common trend.
  • In Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, Erk is most definitely annoyed by Serra and isn't shy about telling her so. In his B support with Priscilla he makes a few comments on the stress of having been Serra's escort. Fanon took this to mean he genuinely hates Serra's guts and will loudly bash her to anyone within earshot.
    • Legault's flirtations with Heath in their supports result in a lot of fangirls forgetting the other, more plot-driven aspects of his character. Or that he's not the only person he's flirted with, either.
    • Mysterious Waif Ninian has only broken down in tears twice through the storyline, and each time for very good reasons. Fans treat her as if she cried every single time she opened her mouth, and use it to bash her for being "weak" or standing in between Eliwood and Lyn (who has also cried in canon, BTW). Ninian has also been kidnapped a total of twice in the entire game, and other people have been kidnapped as well (including Lyn, if we count Uhai as a kidnapper), but people act as if she gets captured and needs to be rescued every other chapter.
    • Eliwood's declaration that he has no love for war led to at least half the fandom either bashing him as a "pansy-ass pussy" or painting him as a Nervous Wreck who flails/cries/goes into cardiac arrest at the sight of blood.
    • Chivalrous Pervert Sain says "oh, beauteous one" exactly one time within the course of the game.
    • Half the fandom characterizes Shrinking Violet Florina entirely based on her fear of men.
    • Lucius has been mistaken for a woman exactly once, even though his feminine looks are commented on by several characters.
    • Most fans remember Priscilla for is either her crush on her brother Raymond or her "endless stream of unhappy endings with men". Some have even speculated that she's meant to be "the Madame Bovary of Elibe"-completely ignoring that her solo ending is happy on its own, and that she and Erk can be genuinely happy together. Or that not all her male supports are romantic (Oswin and Lucius, anyone?).
    • The series itself is pretty well known for having lots of Brother-Sister Incest (And other kinds of incest). There's a legitimate point to this, given that the Jugdral Chronology has lots of incest (one pairing as a major plot point, a few more strongly implied, and multiple incestuous pairings that players can set up themselves), but Genealogy of the Holy War is the only one where it has a bearing on the main plot. The rest is mainly Incest Subtext thanks to Big Brother Worship which is largely unreciprocated and a pair of maybe-too-close twins... but as it's still lots more incest than most video game series have, it does stick in the mind.
      • In some circles, the games have also been accused of "rape culture" due to their being set in medieval times and the fact that some female characters have been threatened with sexual assault or being sold into prostitution (or in the case of Leen/Laylea from Seisen, actually molested). Keep in mind that these scenes are usually short and resolved quickly enough, and that there are numerous other threats leveled at the character-male *and* female, than ones involving their genitals.
    • In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, try to find more than one discussion involving Eirika that doesn't bring up her supposed "fail" regarding the Stone of Renais, or that doesn't passively-aggressively bring her down as "an useless leader" who "needs rescuing" for it... and sometimes blame her for things that other people have done!
    • Innes tells Eirika he'll prove himself worthy of her love in their A level support. Fanfics pairing Eirika with someone else turn him into a competitive Jerk Ass who sees her as nothing more than a prize to be won.
      • Similarly, fans who support Innes as Eirika's favored suitor shamelessly use Seth's A support with Eirika (in which he first tries to distance himself from her, to later confess his own love) to accuse Seth of being sexist, creepy and possessive of her. The Double Standard is obvious.
    • Ike from Fire Emblem Tellius is known solely for his line in Super Smash Bros. Brawl: "I fight for my friends!" Not so much the line itself, but for the less than stellar voice acting.
    • While Micaiah in Radiant Dawn is quite the Well-Intentioned Extremist, from the way some fans talk you'd think that's all she was. At least among fans who bother to see her character past crying "Mary Sue!" over her appearance and lineage, while the others suck on Soren's cock for exactly the same reasons.
    • Ever since a certain base conversation in Radiant Dawn, you'd think all Soren ever did was cry in Ike's arms.
    • Fire Emblem Awakening:
      • Sumia shows her affection to Chrom by baking pies for him and offering to do his laundry. The fans immediately pegged her as nothing more than a pie-baking housewife with no other facets to her personality and in some cases, used it as an excuse to bash her.

        The fact that Sumia is super nervous and awkward when around Chrom only in their shared supports is also blown out of proportion, and she's accused of constantly clinging to Chrom and depending on him for everything. In reality Sumia barely mentions Chrom outside the aforementioned supports, shows insecurity and awkwardness in regards to other matters and doesn't seem to pine over him all day long... but go tell that to her haters, who will accuse Sumia of being few more than Chrom's no-life Satellite Love Interest. Sometimes while touting female!Avatar as the best girlfriend/wife for him.
      • Poor Cordelia has plenty more reasons than "boo hoo why won't Chrom love me" to be sad, but try telling that to the "fans" who latch onto every instance of her unrequited love and ignore her bigger reasons to angst.
      • On both Sumia and Cordelia, since the first is a prospect Chrom bride and the latter is in Unrequited Love with him, the fandom is convinced that there's a bitter and weepy Love Triangle between them and Chrom. In reality the game goes out of its way to avert any romantic problems between them, with Chrom never even being mentioned in their shared talks.
      • In regards to all the Children Characters, the fandom LOVES to focus only on their traumas and experiences in the Bad Future, therefore reducing them solely to their woobie traits so they can imagine themselves "playing mommy/daddy" to the kids ''and' ignoring their surprisingly complex personalities.
      • All Inigo wants is to be manhandled, and all he ever does is try to get up girls' skirts. What Stepford Smiler reasons for acting the way he does? What shyness vs. extroversion issues? What about him being insensitized in regards to killing and feeling bad about it?
        \\To not say of Gerome being seen only in regards to his and Inigo's relationship and the giver of a "strong, firm touch"...
      • Tharja. To fandom, she's just an abusive Yandere who wears slutty clothes and hexes people. Silly fans who think she's actually capable of remorse and kindness when it comes to people she does care about.

        Similarly, people seem to think that the ONLY thing Noire has going on is being "the poor little victim of the evil Tharja, who does nothing but cry and weep over her evil mother". Her weak health? Her Odd Friendship with Severa and own bonds with the other girls? Her bonding with Yarne and Brady over self-esteem issues, and being among the few who does not chide Yarne for being a Lovable Coward? Her love of cooking and baking? Her desire to grow stronger and face her fears and traumas head-on? Her being the caretaker of her little sister Morgan if Tharja's husband is a male Avatar... Do they exist?
      • Because of her Stripperific clothing and childish demeanor, Nowi is forever "dragon loli", with fans completely ignoring her backstory and personality and the actual depth of her character beyond her appearance. (Like her loneliness, or how a good part of her childish tendences come from Obfuscating Stupidity.)
      • Henry is either a) The Creepy Blood Guy who laughs at death and blood and is completely unable to EVER be kind to others, or b) Mr. Angsty Crying Messed Up McTragicpast who fakes all his smiles and needs a certain dancer's "healing vagina" to make him whole again.
      • Similarly, hearing what fans say about Olivia would make you believe she only exists to "heal Henry's broken heart" or "be the girl who takes less time to pair up with Chrom". Nevermind that Olivia can marry other guys than Henry and Chrom, that she's in no way "obligated" to "heal" Henry's issues, and that she has self-worth and social awkwardness problems to deal with.
      • Sadly, this is actually canon for poor Yarne, who has a reputation as the scared little bunny boy who runs away all the time. Which, granted, he does, but he has reasons for doing so.
      • Frederick's naked poster of Chrom. Don't get us wrong, it IS an hilarious moment and the Ho Yay IS there, but that alone set off many a fangirl proclaiming his ultimate gayness for Chrom and ignoring the other aspects of his character. Aside from his love of starting fires. And other shipping fangirls take his love confessions to Sumia and/or Cordelia and regard him as some Knight in Shining Armor who's "destined" to rescue either girl from their "hopeless" feelings for Chrom. (While Frederick can be sappy and sentimental when declaring his romantic feelings, he doesn't "exist" solely to rescue lovesick women from their romantic woes.)
      • Poor Lucina makes one comment about joining Chrom in the mixed baths and has one (admittedly poorly-handled) support set where she shrieks at the female Avatar (if she's not her mother) for supposedly flirting with Chrom. This hasn't spread too far, but at least one fan has suggested the Japanese version says she has an Electra Complex.
      • Similarly, all boy!Morgan has going on for him according to fandom is being a Momma's Boy, and many fanworks will crank up his thoughts on his mother to downright obsessive and creepy levels. (Not helped by him being an enemy boss in the Future Past DLC, serving Grima after it takes over the Avatar.) Just like Lucina is seen as having an Electra Complex, boy!Morgan's supposed "Oedipus Complex" is so bad in fanon that, in said works, he seems to be just an extension of his mother's person and nothing else. (And has earned Morgan the derisive Fan Nickname "the pet poodle", as said interpetation is often compared to a lapdog.)
      • While girl!Morgan can be very Innocently Insensitive to her love interests, the fans exaggerate this and portray her as a self-absorbed and cruel Fille Fatale/Gold Digger rather than the sweet yet tactless Daddy's Girl she actually is. Oddly, fans avert making her a no-life Daddy's Girl. (Probably because many of the people who "poodle-fy" Morgan are fangirls who project on Female Avatar, who in-game can't be girl!Morgan's mother.)
      • The game itself might as well be called Fire Emblem: Self-Insertion Fanservice Adventure according to the fans, completely ignoring the other aspects of the plot and how the Avatar's issues and heritage run much deeper than "LOL Canon Sue!".
      • The female version is screamed at and accused of being an abusive, entitled, annoying tsundere harpy and prospect "waifu" Mary Sue, because of her supports with Chrom. (Nevermind that she can marry other guys than him if the player desires, that her dynamics with said guys are very different to those she has with Chrom, and that you can have her marry Chrom without going through the "offending" supports with a bit of planning.) The male version doesn't have it that bad, but due to some... self-projection prone Chrom/male!Avatar and Chrom/ Lucina fans, many people peg him as either some wangsty, weepy, co-dependent wimp with endless gayngst over him, or a creepy Stalker with a Crush who has been brewing a Wife Husbandry deal towards Lucina ever since years ago.
      • Fandom seems to believe that Nah is nothing but a creepy Tiny Tyrannical Girl who forces all her eventual boyfriends into marriage via threatening them to eat them alive. The only support chain where she does so is Inigo's; in the others she is at most kinda bossy, but never to such a degree. (She's pretty gentle to boy!Morgan, i.e.)
      • Cynthia will always be remembered as "the ditz who was tricked into thinking a bandit leader was Chrom — and even worse when Chrom's her dad". Nevermind that Cynthia was likely a tiny kid when Chrom was murdered in the Bad Future and that other Chrom potential kids also have their doubts when they meet with Chrom, or that a whole village thinks the bandit is Chrom...
  • Metal Gear Solid has this with Rosemary. A certain Codec call topped off with an argument with her emotionally distant boyfriend launched her status as one of The Scrappies of the series, with plenty of Die for Our Ship sentiments on the side.
  • The entire genre of Text Adventures - or Interactive Fiction - will forever be remembered, unfairly or not, for You Can't Get Ye Flask.
    • "You are likely to be eaten by a grue." ("So it might be a good idea to obtain a light source, like, oh, that lantern over there, before entering the darkness. Seriously, what's so hard about this?")
    • "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike." ("But if you think that's bad, wait until you get to the 'nondescript area of a cave', which is also a maze, we just don't bother to reveal it via an overly elaborate and easily memed description.")
  • Apparently, "I're stain mah hends with your bra!" and "You cannot escape flom dess!" are the only things Geese Howard ever says according to some fans. Those phrases originated from Capcom vs. SNK. Also, it appears that for anything in regards to SNK characters, the only artwork or voice samples they will ever use of them is from CvS1 or CvS2, invariably.
  • SNK itself. Disregard taunts, parries, super moves, super meter, background cameos and the rest. Street Fighter II didn't invent; SNK made Art of Fighting]], therefore they are FOREVER incapable of coming up with ANYTHING EVER. Terry Bogard has also ended up on the recieving end of this thanks to his Buster Wolf DM as whenever they think of his rampant Engrish habits, they'll invariably go for his "ARE YOU OKAY?!" and "BUSTAH WORF!" line, and his Buster Wolf as being his most famous, ubiquitous move (Kind of like Vegeta's signature move being Galick Gun despite only using it once). Believe it or not Terry has NOT had that DM in every single game he's ever been in, having only been in Garou: Mark of the Wolves, both Capcom vs. SNK games, KOF 2003, XI and XIII. But it seems like its all he can ever say and perform, according to most, thanks to the aforementioned question.
  • Touhou has several:
    • Almost all Catch Phrases come from a single occurence, due to the limited amount of text in the actual games.
    • Cirno is indeed The Ditz, but ever since she was labeled "(9) Baka" in the 9th game's instruction manual, her stupidity has become her defining trait in fandom. Her other claim to fame is her "Icicle Fall" spellcard on Easy, which has a safe spot directly in front of her. This has led some to believe she is an easy boss, only to find out that on Normal and harder, she still has some pretty nasty attacks, and "Icicle Fall" on Normal doesn't have that safe spot anymore.
    • An even worse case from the same series is Mystia Lorelei. After defeating her in the eighth game's second stage, Yuyuko Saigyouji made a joke about having eaten her: Ever since then, fanon basically made her into the cast's emergency food ration (with Yuyuko being her most frequent predator), with plenty of eating and chicken (she's a bird girl) jokes at her expense. In short, a bird version of Mince.
    • Yuyuko herself would become known as a Big Eater because of this, as well as her comments about the game's events being a "wonderful midnight snack tour," with Flanderization taking her appetite to Extreme Omnivore levels.
      • Aki Eda and ZUN turned Yuyuko's appetite into a Crowning Moment Of Awesome when, at the end of Silent Sinner in Blue, Yuyuko prioritizes stealing a simple jug of Lunarian sake over advanced Lunarian technology and weaponry. It's too trivial for retaliatory action and can be consumed in a single sitting so it can never be recovered, but it perfectly broadcasts "We win."
    • There's also Keine, the unfortunate were-hakutaku who will forever be known for all the CAVED people left in her wake.
  • John Romero. Daikatana.
    "John Romero is a talented guy who has contributed to and designed some really cool games, but Daikatana is such a colossal Mount Everest of failure that it tends to overshadow just about everything else."
  • In-story of Mercenaries 2, your merc will be known throughout Venezuela as "the merc that Solano shot in the ass".
  • Francis has this in Left 4 Dead during the Crash Course campaign. Ever since Zoey shot the (infected) helicopter pilot that saved them from No Mercy hospital and they wound up crashing, Francis will take every moment he can get to remind Zoey of what she did.
  • Has happened to many Backyard Sports characters. For example, Dmitri will forever be known as The Smart Guy, while Maria will forever be known as the girl with pigtails.
  • Shiro Emiya from Fate/stay night is often branded Captain Obvious based on one moment that didn't really even happen: the infamous "People die when they are killed." line isn't even an accurate translation; what he said was more along the lines of, "Normal people are supposed to die from (these kinds of injuries)". He may be stupid in other ways, but pointing out the obvious isn't really one of them.
    • One of Shiro's ideals as an All-Loving Hero is that he doesn't want to see Saber (and, for the most part, Saber specifically) injured because of his own weakness. If you listened to the internet, you'd think his every other sentence is "Stay in the Kitchen!"
  • Gunpei Yokoi for a number of years was mainly known for the Virtual Boy and his tragic death, although he started being remembered for his positive legacy, such as Metroid and creating the Game & Watch and Game Boy, and for coming up with the idea for Nintendo to adopt the policy of "Lateral thinking with withered technology" (i.e. "do news things with old tech").
  • Gunpei's protege, Yoshio Sakamoto, will never live down the fact that he was responsible for the highly divisive Metroid: Other M, despite being the person behind the beloved Super Metroid and the other 2D Metroid games, the WarioWare games and the Rhythm Heaven series. And when Sakamoto doesn't receive the hate for the game, most of the time is because the blame is directed towards Team Ninja instead. Other M itself won't let down the scenes that caused it to become the Broken Base game that it is. Despite the fact that Samus is depicted as a rather strong individual who recovers from several things to down the biggest bosses in the game, fandom have latched onto the infamous Ridley scene and Adam's way of talking towards her being the main reasons her entire character is weakened in the game.
  • Masahiro Sakurai, despite being the creator of Kirby, will forever be known for his highly controversial decisions regarding the Super Smash Bros. series: for example, in Brawl, the inclusion of tripping, the removal of such popular characters as Mewtwo and Roy, and his decisions on not including certain highly-requested characters. Today, Sakurai is probably more associated with Super Smash Bros. than he is with Kirby, to the point that many younger people aren't even aware he created the latter franchise. This will likely carry on to the fourth Smash Bros. game as well.
  • Drakengard will likely be remembered as the game where giant winged babies come out of a hole in the sky and eat everyone and the main character gets shot down by fighter jets in modern-day Japan. Despite its infamy, that's actually not the Canon ending, though that ending leading to NieR isn't helping.
  • In-game example: The Jedi Exile in Knights of the Old Republic II is there when the planet Peragus is destroyed (depending on the player's choices, s/he could also be responsible for it). Regardless of whether or not the Exile is actually responsible, it seems everyone and their Twi'lek dancer is reminding them about it. On one occasion where you're allowed to pick a line about how it wasn't the Exile's fault, the character's response is that of course it was, since the Exile chose to go to Peragus. Sadly, there is no option to comment on how the Exile didn't choose to go to Peragus and was only even anywhere near there because s/he was drugged and rendered unconscious by an assassin droid hired by that same character in the first place.
    • The Exile was also responsible for the destruction of Malachor V in the backstory; some characters seem to extrapolate this and Peragus and come to the conclusion that blowing up planets is some kind of regular habit for her/him.
    • An out-of-universe example happens with the Disciple. He's already a bit of The Scrappy, since his Distaff Counterpart on male playthroughs has a much more developed backstory while his own story was rushed in at the last minute, and the unpreferred member of the quasi-love trangle between himself, the Exile, and Atton. He has a major moment of Sarcasm Blindness on Nar Shaddaa, which is all that most players seem to remember apart from being a "Jedi fanboy". This leaves out the fact that he was smart enough to figure out Revan's real plan for the galaxy, that he makes several criticisms of the Jedi, and the one he's fanboying is the one they kicked out. Nor does he accept the Council's decision that she's a menace to the Force.
  • Neverwinter Nights has an example in the fan-made continuation of the main campaign Aribeth's Redemption: everyone (even Aribeth) seems to forget about her years of invaluable contribution to the city of Neverwinter and the fact that she barely damaged the city's surrounding territories at all during the Luskan war, all because she was mind-controlled into leading an enemy army to attack the city. Then again, this might be justified.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), widely considered the worst 3D Sonic game, there are hints of romantic feelings between the very human Princess Elise and the very non-human Sonic...but it's entirely on Elise's side. Not that this minimizes the squick much...but if you have to blame someone for the romance, blame Elise. Or the writers.
    • The port of Sonic The Hedgehog 1 to the Game Boy Advance was considered to be a complete failure. Considering that the GBA is technically more powerful than the Sega Genesis, the port should have been able to run without problems. Instead, the port is stuffed with massive frame rate drops for no reason, butchered sound and music, and altered physics that make playing the game extremely difficult. To top it off, the game was supposed to be a celebration of Sonic's 15th anniversary. Sega completely screwing up a simple port showed that they simply didn't give a shit and tried to cash in on the Sonic fan base. Fans still have not forgotten about this, especially so soon after Sonic 06 came out.
    • Ever since Knuckles was fooled into thinking Sonic was the bad guy in Sonic 3 he has earned a reputation as a gullible idiot who will believe anything Eggman tells him. This has happened, to a far lesser degree in Sonic Adventure, itself over 10 years old, and again in Sonic Advance 2.
    "So, which is it, Knuckle-head? Did Eggman trick you into getting roboticized? Or did you get kidnapped? 'Cause they're both really embarassing."
    • Sonic Heroes forever cursed Shadow with a reputation as an amnesiac constantly Wangsting about being uncertain of his true identity, even though he almost immediately got his own game which resolved all that.
      • Shadow even had a decidedly un-angsty line, giving off a riff Sonic would've been proud of. To Sonic himself.
      "Well, I guess it'll be a date to die for."
    • On a related case to Sonic, Dimps. This development studio made some nice 2D platformers for the series, and some other well-received games. But the only thing they'll ever be remembered for is "ruining Sonic 4".
    • The "Green Eyes" complaint from YouTube user AKnotholeResident.
    • Silver the Hedgehog is remember for screaming "ITS NO YOOSE" in his infamously hard battle.
    • No matter how good Sonic's post-2006 games are (i.e. Colors), Generations, reviewers will never let us forget that the quality of Sonic games went through a rough patch in the mid 2000s.
    • There's the Sonic Cycle. Despite the cycle being broken in 2010, people still quote this as a reason the new Sonic game will obviously suck.
    • There's also Big the Cat. The way people talk about him, you'd think Sonic Adventure was purely about fishing.
      • Playable characters as a whole. The clashing gameplay styles in most 3D games has led to the mere concept of multiple playable characters in a Sonic game being scorned by the fans, despite the fact that the classic games also had three playable characters who were executed much better.
    • For Sega as a whole, Sonic seemingly being the only franchise Sega still works on at this point, due to Sonic's being Sega's Mascot on top of being its only consistent Cash Cow Franchise, and also due to the above controversy the series has gained over the years despite or because of said Cash Cow Franchise status.
  • Zelda is known for being kidnapped constantly, and apparently every game is based on this concept. This is not the case. Admittedly, Zelda has been rescued in several games, she is often depicted as being able to take care of herself. An example is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and you actually discover late in the game that she was the awesome ninja dude that has been fighting evil and bossing you around for half the game. Zelda HAS been kidnapped, enchanted, turned to stone and whatnot for half of the game, but the other half was spent kicking ass.
  • Hotel Mario and the two animated Zelda CD-i, the only games that the Phillips CD-i itself is remembered for, are remembered more for their narmy quotes than their gameplay and storyline. Though, even the gameplay is remembered somewhat for how much it flat-out sucked.
  • Veigue of Tales of Rebirth is only remembered by the fandom as "that guy who screams his girlfriend's name a lot.
  • WayForward Technologies is better known for their oft-maligned launch period Nintendo DS messenger app release Ping Pals and mediocre cartoon tie-ins than their more applauded work, notably the rare and underappreciated Game Boy Color game Shantae, and as such, has infuriatingly been referenced instead in features and reviews on their work in ''Contra 4 for the Nintendo DS.
    • This probably doesn't qualify as a Never Live It Down example anymore, since Contra 4 was pretty well received and Wayforward managed to build up its reputation with good games such as the Wii remake of A Boy and His Blob, LIT and Shantae: Risky's Revenge, among their usual licensed work.
  • Donkey Kong Country was, unfortunately, hyped just a little too much on its release, leading to key figures in the gaming industry slamming it, to the effect that even now it seems to be remembered as little more than a poor Mario imitator. Its demonstrable overshadowing of Super Metroid and EarthBound, two games released around the same time with less cutting-edge graphics but which have come to be seen as classics of their respective genres, helped further its reputation as overhyped garbage. As anyone who actually played it at the time can attest, this is quite wrong — it was a beautifully designed, addictive platformer with one of the best soundtracks to grace any game of any time period. And its first sequel was even better in all regards.
    • Unfortunately, game music composer Grant Kirkhope has run into this with the infamous "DK Rap," which served as the Theme Tune Rap for Donkey Kong 64. However, Kirkhope has stated that, contrary to popular belief, the DK Rap was supposed to be cheesy and silly, and not a serious attempt at a rap song about cartoony talking apes.
    • During the peak of Donkey Kong Country's popularity, Shigeru Miyamoto famously complained that "players will put up with mediocre gameplay as long as the art is good." What he actually meant was that he was angry at his Nintendo bosses for interfering with his development of Yoshi's Island by insisting that it mimic DKC's visual style. Many took this to mean that Miyamoto believed the game itself was nothing more than eye-candy, and to this day you'll often hear people declare that Miyamoto hated it. It got so bad that fans commonly asserted that he was deliberately trying to kill of the franchise for tainting his brainchild (supposedly evidenced by the comparatively forgettable Spin Offs released in the decade after Rare's departure). Miyamoto even had to go out of his way to specifically refute such claims prior to the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns, a game which he had actually directly asked Retro Studios to make more like the original SNES games.
  • Nintendo will always be considered the gaming patron saint of bowdlerization. Never mind they have gotten past the Never Say "Die" point long ago, and how in fact they're the more lenient company nowadays, with games released on multiple systems having less censorship on Nintendo systems (or at least the same, but not more). Sure, they still censor some stuff every now and then, but no more than the others. Ironically, the most censor-happy company right now is Sony. The same Sony who supposedly is Darker and Edgier than Nintendo.
    • Of note: Several of the entries for the Cluster F-Bomb Video Games page are on the Wii, including No More Heroes, MadWorld, and House of the Dead: OVERKILL, which had a Guinness World Record for the number of F-bombs dropped during the game. One might think Nintendo is going out of its way to break their "kid friendly" image.
    • Even still, with Sony having titles like God of War it's pretty understandable how they got this image of being Darker and Edgier even with many kid-friendly titles like LittleBigPlanet.
    • Every new Nintendo console game is a Mario game.
    • Likewise, similarly to the deal with Sonic & Sega above, Mario being Nintendo's only franchise of note. Mario being Nintendo's Mascot, its biggest Cash Cow Franchise, & still one of the most popular video game franchise of all time make some believe that it's the only franchise Nintendo makes. Others believe that The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon also count as this, however.
  • Nintendo's official magazine in Spain, Nintendo Accion will always be considered to be extremely biased towards Pokémon. During the height of the Pokémon craze, they had Pokécovers nearly every month, but that's more Wolverine Publicity than actual bias. Same for having an extra mini-magazine focused on Pokémon. Nowadays they don't cover them much more than they cover Mario or Zelda games. In fact, if anything they have a Zelda bias, with all Zelda games getting huge scores without exception (and The Wind Waker getting the only perfect score so far), talking about the sagas as if it was super-popular everywhere (even on Japan, where, while not unpopular, is not that big compared to its Western fandom) and claim Link is the best character on all three Super Smash Bros. games (in the first and third, he's currently at the lowest tier of the Tier List. On Melee he's mid-tier), yet nobody accuses them of favoring the Zelda series.
  • In-universe example; in Persona 4, Yukiko's Enemy Without hosts a dating gameshow and mentions "scoring a hot stud". Teddie has no idea what it means, but that doesn't stop him from bringing it up at almost every opportunity, even citing "scoring with girls" as one of his reasons for wanting to stay as a human. Even Yukiko asks him to let it go after a while. And back to the fan's attitudes, you could come away from them with the impression that Kanji is the gayest gay to ever gayly gay, despite the overdone mannerisms coming from his Shadow (and even he admits that he's not entirely adverse to girls, just afraid of rejection).
    • Also Philemon. He's doing his best as the antithesis of Nyarlathotep, guiding the heroes to unlock their potential. However, fans will not forget that he dared make the bet with Nyarlathotep about humanity's prevailing feature, which causes all the horrible things that happened in Innocent Sin, thus they forget all his 'deeds' to genuinely help the humanity to fall into Nyarlathotep's designs, and is always going to be a Jerkass God that deserves to be punched in the face by Tatsuya. In fact, had Philemon not made that bet, then Nyarly probably would've turned the entire world into his bitch, given that he's free to do as he pleases whereas Philemon can only observe.
    • Persona 3: Akihiko's unhealthy obsession with training and protein-based products, the latter having only been referenced once in the game. Even with the demeaning nicknames given to him and the rest of the Persona 4 Arena cast, his portrayal as an incredibly battle hungry protein junkie in that game is so in-your-face that it's the most memorable parts about him now. Never mind the circumstances that lead to such an obsession...which he had supposedly curbed after witnessing his best friend get shot in front of him, and never mind that he was actually rather keen and intelligent either; both fan perception and his P 4 A portrayal make it seem it's as if he never had that resolve in the first place, and he's only marginally smarter than Kanji.
  • If you were to believe some people, the Dead or Alive series doesn't exist. Only the Beach Volleyball games. And if it does exist, then they are not Fighting Games, but Jiggle Physics simulators.
  • Genji series aren't known for its gameplay mechanics (other than the real time weapon change) and story due to having giant crabs in them.
  • Guilty Gear is always going to be known as: "That game that gave us Bridget." Bridget was only one unique character out of many, and he wasn't introduced until the second sequel, but he's easily the most well known.
    • Also, Unsettling Gender Reveals involving Bridget aren't nearly as common in canon as people think. Sure it did happen during Johnny's ending, giving the page image for that trope, but that's really the only notable example. The series itself doesn't try to hide the fact that Bridget is a guy at all, in fact it's the first thing mentioned in most of his bios and in canon Bridget is usually surprised when people actually mistake him for a girl.
  • BlazBlue has some of the more colorful cast there is. However, some of them have been suffering cases of Never Live It Down which may fling into Alternate Character Interpretation
    • The Hero Ragna The Bloodedge is squarely a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. However, due to his past history of destroying several NOL bases and leaving no survivors, something he hasn't done as of late (or at least shown in the game), some people makes it clear and never let the fandom forget that he was a mass murderer... and always will be.
    • Jin Kisaragi started out as a psychopath Yandere of the brother-complex variety who only had his sights of Ragna. As the story progresses, we learned his relationship with Tsubaki Yayoi and he tremendously cared about her. In fact, post-CS, he made it his mission to save Tsubaki, making him look heroic. Fandom reaction? He's still and always will be the brother-crazed psycho Yandere.
      • This impression is reinforced by the characterization Continuum Shift gives him. While it's in non-canon gag storylines, it's in at least three gag storylines. And in Teach Me Miss Litchi, too. So, not entirely the fans' faults Arc Systems are milking this Running Gag for all it's worth.
      • Likewise, Jin seems like he'll never live down the fact that during the time of Calamity Trigger, he's a murderous jackass with little points to like. It's been revealed that it was Yukianesa's overriding influence that amplifies his darker thoughts and made it overblown and as the series progressed, Jin learns to control it, and as such, while he's definitely still an asshole, he's been toning down the 'murderous' part that the only person he'd 'kill' is just Ragna (he'd still insult Noel though), so he's just a jackass. But there's still a bunch of people who thinks that his true self is that 'murderous jackass' CT self and that has never changed.
    • Litchi Faye-Ling is quite probably the most egregious one. She is all nice and caring to everyone she comes across, provided they're not evil and she does try her best to save Arakune. But one moment she unwillingly joined NOL as the situation practically forced her to if she wants a shot in saving Arakune, fans practically considered 'obsession' to be her whole personality, forgetting all the good things she did before (and thought they were just to facilitate her obsession) and mere association with NOL dooms her to be a Heel in many fans' eyes.
      • Litchi never living it down can be adhered because there's one thing NOL as a whole never lives down: Their one rule of 'Anyone opposing us will receive swift, immediate execution' is the one thing everyone would remember them as and deems the organization as a Palpatine-esque Empire where someone needs a degree of asshattery if they even want to think of joining, forgetting the fact that without them, the world will fall into utter anarchy, as well as any misdirections aren't because of their foundation, but because of manipulations of Hazama and Relius. It didn't help that the rule was established after they trounced the Ikaruga Federation, home of fan favorite hammy ninja of justice Bang Shishigami, thus always considering them to the side of justice, forgetting that Ikaruga stirred the rebellion in the first place and in war, there's no such thing as 'righteous and villainous'.
    • Bang Shishigami also got a minor one going. Yes he once used to hate Jin Kisaragi. But in CS, he's shown to have unconditionally helped Jin and despite knowing that he killed his master, he knew Jin wasn't truly to blame and the true enemy is the system within NOL. So... how does fandom answer when asked on who the heck is Bang's Arch-Enemy? Always will be Jin Kisaragi.
    • Resident Mad Scientist Relius Clover is probably most remebered for the buckets and buckets of subtext he has. And then there's what he did to Makoto.
  • Mass Effect
    • A sizable majority of the fan base will never let Ashley or Kaidan live down what happened on Horizon in Mass Effect 2, largely thanks to a severe case of Fourth Wall Myopia.
    • Ash gets a whole lot of online flack for being the "racist" of the group. In reality, all she does is ask if letting non-Alliance personnel walk around their fleet's prototype ship is a good idea; individually, she treats her non-human teammates the same way she does everyone else. Compare Garrus's interactions with Wrex and Tali, or Tali's assertion that her people were perfectly justified in firing the first shot of their Robot War.
    • And Mass Effect 3 didn't help either, since Ashley and Kaidan, assuming Shepard tries to bury the hatchet, question Shepard's loyalty at three seperate points: when Cerberus is attacking an Alliance base during their first mission fighting with Shepard again, when they find a Cerberus soldier that looks like a husk during that same mission, and when Shepard is pointing a gun at one of the leaders of the galaxy during a terrorist attack. In the final incident, when Cerberus stages a coup in the citadel, those trust issues may finally be resolved, or end up in the Virmire survivor's death, if the player cannot, or doesn't want to convince them. To hear some fans talk about it, they spent the entire first half of the game, or in Ashley's case all of it, harping on the issue.
    • During the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2, the squad has to traverse an obstacle using a large barrier that only a powerful biotic can project. The player has to select which team member is best fit for it, upon which Miranda, who's supposed to be a tactical genius, will say that she can do it. If you actually pick her for the job, she runs out of steam at the very end and you lose a squad-mate. The right choices are Jack and Samara.
    • And now that Mass Effect 3 is out, one of the only things Liara is now known for is always being in Shepard's cabin every two or three seconds or always fawning over Shepard. Its as if the fans are going out of their own way to try and find something that will label each leading female character in every sequel.
    • Try the series in general. You put in a couple of short (~20 seconds) and entirely optional sex scenes in the first game, and suddenly it's the focus of the whole series, or so Fox News insisted. It's very rare where an article or discussion about Mass Effect or Bioware doesn't make reference to sex. It doesn't help that the romances are the main area of concern for the active part of the fanbase. Bioware's just giving gamers what they want.
    • To put it as neutrally as possible, Bioware will most likely never live down the ending(s) to Mass Effect 3, all the DLC with further explanations regardless.´
    • Kai Leng has yet to live down eating Captain Anderson's cereal.
    • In universe, spoken nearly word-for-word by Garrus regarding the turian Primarch in Mass Effect 3, after it's discovered his son screwed up a very important mission. Ultimately subverted, though. The Primarch's son makes a Heroic Sacrifice that makes up for the screw-up.
    • Another in-universe example happens near the end of the Mars mission. In order to stop an infiltration unit created by Cerberus from leaving with the plans for the Crucible, James Vega rams the Cerberus shuttle with the Kodiak they used to to reach Mars. This causes a huge crash that destroys the enemy shuttle while leaving the Kodiak mostly intact but leaves James with a reputation of crashing and destroying shuttles all the time despite him no longer piloting the Kodiak.
    • The Citadel DLC adds two in-universe moments for Shepard: Joker will never let you (or Cortez) live down using him for bait that one time, and nobody lets Shep forget about shooting up that poor sushi place.
  • Silent Hill 2: James Sunderland has done many impressive things, like fight Pyramid Head and win, but the one thing he is most remembered for is jumping into a large, dark abyss with no prompting towards the end of the game. From then on, any time a Silent Hill protagonist encounters a hole, players ask "What would James do?"
    • There's also the scene where James, without any hesitation, plunges his hand into a clogged-up filthy toilet to get a wallet. It's metaphorically meant to show his suicidal and self-destructive behavior. And even the game developers can't resist mocking him for it.
  • Bethesda will never live down the Horse Armour debacle from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Even Todd Howard lampshaded it at E3 2011.
  • Sony Online Entertainment will never live down the "New Game Enhancements" to Star Wars: Galaxies in Nov. 2005, which caused the hemorrhaging of subscriptions and saw the beginning of the six-year slippery slope to the game's cancellation in late 2011.
    • Similarly, the PlayStation Network will never be looked at the same way again thanks to Sony not handling the hacking incidents on its networks more swiftly, which caused the PSN to be down for almost a month.
  • Bianca Whitaker from Dragon Quest V, DS remake, is remembered for having a habit of reminding you how she and the hero went on a ghost hunting when they were kids. She only talks about ghost hunting a few times after she and her childhood friend reunion, and will only talk about it more along with other things when you're revisiting her places of memory in a party chat. Of course, some fans ignore this, resulting Bianca being a lot less dateable for them.
  • If one were to mention the name CAVE, the ONLY image that will pop into most gamers' minds is that of their infamous True Final Bosses, never mind the other 98% of the games they appear in.
  • The only thing ever mentioned when Doom 3 is brought up is that the game is really dark. Nobody ever mentions how scary that makes the overall experience, of course.
    • When you get past the "no duct tape on Mars!" group, the next thing the game is known for is that it relies almost entirely on jump scares. Highly telegraphed jump scares.
  • Zero Wing is ill-remembered for its poorly translated quotes, such as "All your base are belong to us!"
  • In-universe in Solatorobo, protagonist Red finds out that Tagalong Kid Elh is scared of bugs. It becomes a Running Gag in the game. Elh even says "I'm never going to live this down, am I?" the first time the fact is discovered.
  • David DeMartini, Electronic Arts' Senior Vice President of Global E-commerce and head of Origin, said in an interview that EA will never hold deep discounts on Origin like Steam because it "cheapens intellectual property." Fast forward a few weeks later, Origin has its one-year anniversary sale and summer sale. Cue many PC gamers snarking about the cheapened IPs on sale.
  • The Playstation 3 suffered a huge blow to its image when it was showcased at an E3 event. The infamous "RIIIIIDGE RAAAACERRR!!!"note  and "fighting giant enemy crabs in feudal Japan where you flip it over and attack its weak point for massive damage", along with "REAL TIME WEAPON CHANGE!" made the console look like a total joke. On top of this, the $599 price tag turned everyone off and became ammo for trolls to use in forums. The head of Sony also made an ignorant comment by saying that even if the console is expensive, people will buy it anyway because the brand name is so popular. The console did get cheaper over time and obtained better games, but the rough start is not forgotten by anyone.
  • Microsoft's Xbox 360 seems to be sorely known for the Red Rings of Death, which show up on the power's lights when the console experiences a hardware failure. The red rings plagued a ton of consoles and caused Microsoft to lose a ton of money from recalling the product, fixing the current consoles that had the problem, making a new console design to stop the problem, and offering people an extended warranty.
  • After the Street Fighter X Tekken DLC characters controversynote , expect forums on every subsequent Capcom game to make some joke about half the content being on locked disc DLC.
  • N's childhood room in Pokémon Black and White plus his sheltered upbringing led fandom to characterize him as a Man Child who still plays with toy trains and doesn't know where babies come from.
    • Silver from HeartGoldAndSoulSilver strips the player character of their Team Rocket disguise. For a long time after, fandom treated him like a Memetic Molester.
    • Pokémon is completely saddled with assumptions from people who observe the franchise from outside that came about very early on in the franchise's history. This includes that the video games were based on the anime (the anime got finished faster than the games and aired on television in the USA before the first games came out), that the goal of the game is to catch every Pokémon (it has always been an optional goal, but the association is so strong that there is a trope called Gotta Catch 'Em All), and that there are 151 Pokémon (which hasn't been true since 1999). Depending on how much attention is paid to the franchise, people also seem to think that the games are about keeping a Pikachu as a pet or think that the battling system is little more than 15-, 17-, or 18-way rock-paper scissors.
  • Duke Nukem is going to likely be forever associated with Duke Nukem Forever, Vaporware and forever being in Development Hell. Never mind the popular series, everyone thinks of it as 'that game which spent fifteen years in development'.
  • On the note of Duke, developer Gearbox, once known as the team behind the fan-favorite Borderlands series, received huge amounts of contempt thanks to Aliens: Colonial Marines, what with its misleading trailers, Troubled Production, outsourcing, and mediocre final product. Now whenever the team announces a new project, they are instantly greeted with scorn from many gamers, who will make sure to remind others of CM, as the reception to its acquisition of the Homeworld series, and even the DLC for Borderlands 2 proves.
  • An in-universer example when Prince Snowe from Star Stealing Prince is very nearly killed at the very start of the game, coming close enough to death to break an enchantment on his kingdom that's tied to his life and put it in jeopardy. From that point on, none will ever miss an opportunity to remind him that he's an idiot who couldn't even go on a small journey without getting himself (almost) killed even when it's decided that breaking the enchantment was for the best.
  • Super Mario Bros. has a couple examples.
    • Even though she's shown in many spinoff games to be a total Badass (including slapping Bowser so hard that he becomes a Twinkle In The Sky in Mario Party 3), the only thing that Princess Daisy will ever be known for is her appearance in Mario Kart Double Dash, where the only thing she ever said was "Hi, I'm Daisy!" at the top of her lungs.
    • Yoshi is often thought of as a mindless monster who eats people, gets ridden on all the time, and speaks like a Pokémon. However, the earlier games have shown that he is kind, intelligent, and perfectly capable of speech, and ever since the Gamecube era, he has stood in a pose that makes him practically impossible to ride.
    • Princess Peach has taken many levels in badass over the years, but is still treated like a Damsel Scrappy who never does anything but get captured and bake cakes. Granted, the gamemakers do rely too much on her classic role as The Artifact, but that doesn't erase the existence of her contributions in the RPGs and utter badassery in her own game and in Super Mario3d World.
  • Ayumi Tachibana from Famicom Detective Club series seems to be renowned in Japanese fandom for her reckless action of drugging the protagonist with sleeping pill on his coffee. Even the Japanese description of her trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee lampshaded this.
  • Karnaaj Rally for the Game Boy Advance is critically considered to be a rather decent racing game. Unfortunately, most people who have heard of it only know it for having one of the most hilariously stupid box covers ever made, to the point that Seanbaby infamously reviewed the game solely by the box art.
  • Electronic Arts has become an infamous company that is generally hated by the gaming community. Among the most notorious offenses that they've committed are recycling previous sports games and trying to pass them off as completely new and taking developers that show potential and driving them into the grave with their executive meddling. Such is the case of the Command & Conquer series which started off as a timeless classic and slowly turned into ludicrous sewage.
  • Microsoft lost a lot of face in E3 2013 with their mediocre showcasing of the Xbox One and they even lost a lot of fans and potential customers with an online video about an unaired interview with Don Mattrick who said that "The people who don't have internet should stick with the Xbox 360." The quote was a cosmetic way of telling people without internet to either "Go fuck themselves." or "Buy the Wii U or PS 4 instead." Realizing the negative fallout that their "Totalitarian" policies for using the Xbox One has caused, Microsoft has made considerable concessions to make their new console look a little less restrictive. But unfortunately, the damage has already been done.
  • Poor, poor Capcom. Tell fans how they issued an apology for Disc-Locked DLC, they will never forgive them for the Street Fighter X Tekken case. Tell them that Capcom has something planned for Megaman's 25th anniversary, they go on about how they cancelled Megaman Legends 3. Tell them that Mega Man is in the fourth Super Smash Bros game, they yell about how that's a Nintendo game and doesn't count. It seems that nothing Capcom does will possibly dissuade the horde.
    • Those with more obscure tastes in gaming will forever loathe Capcom for reasons entirely separate from lousy DLC practices or constant shafting of Megaman. A promising little studio called Clover once developed a game called Okami. Despite critical and fan acclaim, it did not sell well enough due to the publisher (Capcom) not bothering to advertise as is their job. The entire studio got shut down for Capcom's own incompetence. And to make rub salt in the wounds, an inferior Wii port was made by a different studio and all credits to Clover employees were stripped from it.
  • The initial release Sword of the Stars II was an Obvious Beta. Only the most closeminded fans would deny this. There has been a lot of improvement since those first dark days. But to hear the Hate Dumb, you'd think Kerberos never did a thing to fix the problems, and to this day there are haters who refuse to consider purchasing any more of their products.
  • In Resonance of Fate Vashyron calls a well endowed woman's boobs "Bunker Busters" and gets a rather strange dance to go along with it. While he does make innuendos throughout the game, he only uses that line and dance once. Cue Project X Zone where he spouts that line every time he encounters one of the more fan-servicey characters, and will say it when paired with KOS-MOS and T-elos as their solo unit. His dance will very frequently pop up too, again if he's paired with KOS-MOS and T-elos.
    • In-universe example for Resonance of Fate: Early on, in the middle of a blackout, Zephyr claims to be "good in the dark". Considering he says that shortly after accidentally walking in on Leanne in the bath (thinking she was being attacked by a monster), Vashyron just runs with it.
  • In 2002, Konami misspelled their own name as "KONMAI" in GuitarFreaks 8th Mix and Drummania 7th Mix. To this day, "Konmai" is still their Fan Nickname. They've misspelled their name in various ways on numerous other occasions, but "KONMAI" stuck likely because it was in big bold letters, as opposed to, say, fine print in a copyright notice.
    • Also applies to Capcom after they misspelt their name as "CAPCPOM" in one trailer for Steel Battalion. Some fans use it as a Fan Nickname to refer to "current Capcom" (as described above) as if it were a totally different company.
  • Patroklos gets hit with this hard in Soul Calibur V. No matter how much Character Development you go through, when your first major onscreen action is to brutally murder an innocent on the suspicion of being Malfested, all with a deranged, psychotic grin on your face, people tend to hold that against you.
  • Thanks to the events of Chapter 1 in Dangan Ronpa, idol Sayaka Maizono is commonly displayed as either arm candy for fellow student Leon Kuwata or a selfish, lying manipulator who is maybe Yandere at best, and Cute and Psycho at worst, despite her backstory stating otherwise and explaining her Dark and Troubled Past. And she is almost always seen with her trusty knife.
    • Chapter 2 of the same game also seems to doom Byakuya Togami to have a fetish on desecrating corpses and regularly tampering crime scenes. This is despite that he eventually tones down his prickiness although he's still a huge Jerkass even as he survived the whole game. Also Ishimaru crying over the execution of his Only Friend Mondo only happens once, but was so over-the-top that 'crying Ishimaru' fanarts are very abundant on the net.
    • Chihiro Fujisaki is a timid, sweet being that only wants to help other people with her programming and overcome her weakness and timidity. But if you see some fandom like Tumblr... the most thing you know about her would be that "she" is a Wholesome Crossdresser.
    • This seems to apply to Naegi as well, who isn't as skilled as his main teammates (a savvy heir and a freaking detective). Because of this, he is often stereotyped as slow in the brain or being the 'heroine' instead of the 'hero'.
  • Nintendo and Gamefreak, though mostly Nintendo, will never live down Pokémon Bank being delayed due to server crashes during the holidaysnote . Almost every single comment on their Facebook and Twitter pages has been something along the lines of "Where's Pokémon Bank?" This is especially interesting in that it isn't even a game, it is an extra paid service for Pokémon X and Y used to store extra Pokémon in the cloud and to transfer Pokémon from Generation V games. That last part was what people wanted the most, and since it was delayed, people would have to wait longer to transfer their Pokémon, which fans were not happy about.
  • In-Universe example from Fallout: New Vegas : "Cannibal" Johnson. No, he isn't a humanitarian. Once, cornered by raiders, he managed to kill one of them, and took a bite out of his heart for psychological warfare purpose. It worked, since they freaked out and ran away. It also got him stuck with his nickname.
  • No matter what the circumstances were, the fact remains that in the Neptunia series, fans will never forgive Nepgear in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 for the Conquest End. This is pretty big considering this is the darkest ending Compile Heart put out that Compile Heart themselves would never touch this subject ever again.
  • Titus Software had a decent repertoire of games of varying quality...but, to the gaming community, none of those really matter compared to their most (in)famous game, Superman 64.
  • Chrom once again makes it back on this list with the trailer for his companions Robin and daughter Lucina in the fourth Super Smash Bros. game. He lays on the ground unconscious after a brawl with Captain Falcon, which is where he ends up for almost all of the trailer until he wakes up and quips that he might get another chance to fight in Smash another time. He was then shown later in the video- as a Final Smash for Robin. Fans ran wild with this revelation, and jokes about Chrom and his in-game status were immediately spread out across the internet.
  • Tim Schafer will probably not be looked up so high anymore after he made a number of scathing remarks towards the Gamergate controversy, essentially siding himself against gamers.
  • Zoe Quinn, the creator of Depression Quest, has been looked down upon by many people on the internet, mostly people in the gaming community, thanks to her involvement in the Gamergate scandal. Though the Gamergate people has mostly moved on and stopped talking about her as the main vocal point, she is still the person who people will mention first when trying to explain how the whole Gamergate issue started because of her actions. Kinda like how people bring up Gavrilo Princip When talking about World War 1.

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