Never Live It Down: Film

  • American Pie: Jim will be forever known as the guy who prematurely ejaculated in front of a smoking hot exchange student on webcam. The incident is mentioned in almost every single film in the series (even the made-for-TV ones), and in Reunion, he discovers that it has even gone viral on YouTube.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • Jack Sparrow makes the suggestion once that Will Turner may be a eunuch due to the fact he hasn't got a girlfriend (again Jack's speculation). Will is thus repeatedly referred to as a eunuch (mostly by Jack himself).
    • While it could be argued that "sea turtles" became more of an in-movie meme, the fact that it was Jack who seemed to have begun it seems to indicate its mention by other characters is more or less just their way to poke at Jack.
    • The little pirate of Jack's crew has on multiple occasions proven himself to be capable and talented. But he'll always be the dwarf in At World's End who got blown back into the very hole he had just worked his way out of... by the recoil of a large gun he was toting. Later on in the film, he uses the same gun without the comical effect.
    • Barbossa is an unmovable monster who led his crew to reclaim every last piece of stolen gold they'd "frittered away" and undo the curse set upon them. He performed the marriage ceremony between Will and Elizabeth. He also rocks a fancy wooden leg in On Stranger Tides. But he's still 'that guy who eats apples.
  • Johnny Depp in general is now typically only known for his more off-the-wall performances (i.e. Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow, Barnabas Collins, and Tarrant Hightopp). Hardly anyone seems to remember that he played a Vietnam War soldier alongside Charlie Sheen in Platoon.
  • Mean Girls: In-Universe - "Made out with a hotdog?! Oh my god, that was one time!"
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader, ever since the Revenge of the Sith, will forever be known as that guy who screamed "NOOOOOOOOO!"
    • Another thing he won't live down is the Wangst he spouted in Revenge of the Sith. While he wasn't exactly optimistic in Attack of the Clones, he kept having horrible visions that his wife will die and was desperate to save her.
    • Also, he really hates sand. And loves Padme because she's not sand.
    • Leia kissed Luke precisely twice, once for luck and once specifically to make a point to Han. There is nothing particularly sexual between them, but some people seem to genuinely believe they were screwing like incestuous bunnies before Return of the Jedi. Wishful thinking? Squick!
      • The other thing that people conveniently forget is that neither Luke nor Leia learned they were brother and sister until Return of the Jedi. And neither did the writers.
    • A more unfortunate Star Wars example: it seems no one can mention General Grievous without someone bringing up his... less than dignified ending.
    • Boba Fett, for all his badassery and awesome attire, will never live down a blind Han accidentally taking him out with a stick.
    • Conversely, because he didn't immediately jump at the call, Luke is characterized by some fans as being forever whiny.
    • In the Expanded Universe, we have Kyp Durron, who will never live down blowing up a star. Tahiri Veila has become sort of the same thing after trying to seduce Ben in Invincible.
    • Lando is perpetually known for betraying Han and the others in Cloud City despite the fact that he did so to protect the city from the Empire, orchestrated their escape from the city, hid in Jabba's palace undercover to rescue a frozen Han, and piloted the Millenium Falcon into the reconstructed Death Star at the Battle of Endor. Lampshaded on an episode of Robot Chicken.
      • Various sources claim that Billy Dee Williams really will defend Lando's actions at length, in the very same way that he does in the Robot Chicken sketch.
      • Lando has never lived down the incident with the Millenium Falcon's hyperdrive, either, simply because he was under the impression that his mechanics would fix it rather than the Imperials sabotaging it further. While he did truthfully claim "It's not my fault!" (same as Han did), in later Expanded Universe works ships he attempted to fly never worked as intended, with him once again spouting his new catchphrase.
      • Spaced referenced this as well with the phrase "You Lando!" being Tim's euphemism for traitor.
      • In-universe, Heir to the Empire suggests that Lando losing the radar dish atop the Falcon while flying it through the Death Star II is one of these, though at least with some justification:
      Han: At least the sensor dish is still there.
      Lando: You're never going to let that go, are you?
      Han: You said, "not a scratch".
    • Don't forget about Admiral Ackbar who can detect TRAPS!
      • Made worse by the fact that people tend to forget that Lando was the one who figured out it was a trap and Ackbar just labeled it so.
    • The child actor that played Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace will never live down his role in the film; the kid got constant ridicule from fanboys who hated the film, belittled by critics for his not so impressive acting skills, and was constantly bullied at school by other children for his involvement with the movie. The downward spiral caused the actor to destroy all Star Wars memorabilia he owned and refused to talk about it for some time. However, he's mellowed out since then and he's confirmed that, contrary to popular belief, he doesn't hate Star Wars for all the crap he was put through.
    • And of course, the Stormtroopers. Only four humans, one wookiee, and two droids are shown to survive more than one firefight with the troopers, yet the fandom continuously depicts them as unable to hit the broad side of the Death Star.
  • James Bond has become known as the film series where 'The main Bond girl works for the villains until she falls in love with James Bond'. In fact, this has only happened on one occasion; in Goldfinger. Most of the other times, the Bond girl is either an ally of Bond from the first (e.g. You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service), an innocent drawn into the villain's schemes (e.g. Dr. No, A View to a Kill, Golden Eye), working with the villains but unaware of the true nature of their plans (From Russia with Love, Octopussy, and Skyfall), a willing accomplice/Big Bad who never changes sides (The World Is Not Enough) or effectively a slave rather than an ally of the villains (Thunderball, Live and Let Die).
    • Complicating matters, several Bond films (such as Thunderball, Goldeneye and Die Another Day) have genuinely evil beautiful henchwomen as well as heroines, and Bond will sleep with said evil henchwoman, in almost every single film. Doesn't help that Bond is also a frequent offender of tropes like Sex Equals Love and "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization.
    • The stereotypical Bond plot structure can have up to three girls in each film, and usually has at least two. The archetypes are the "good" one who gets killed off early on as a Sacrificial Lamb, the "evil" one who also gets killed off, often after changing sides, and the third, main one who survives until the end.
    • Arguable in From Russia with Love. She did believe she was working for the Russian government against the British, so she'd still qualify as working for an enemy. She just didn't realize which enemy she was really working for.
  • In-universe example in Superbad:
    Seth: Hey Greg, why don't you go piss your pants?
    Greg the Soccer Player: That was like 8 years ago, asshole!
    Seth: People don't forget!
    • And then there's McLovin, to the point that nobody even remembers the character's real name.
  • Indirectly in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back's depiction of Jason Biggs, eternally remembered as "the pie fucker".
    "I'm haunted by it!"
    • Clerks II both plays it straight and subverts it with Dante and Randall's former classmate Lance "Pickle Fucker" Dowds, who had earned the nickname in an incident of high school hazing. After Randall recounts the incident where Lance earned the nickname, Lance replies that nobody but the aimless Randall Graves would remember the incident at all. Cue Jay walking in and saying "Hurry up Pickle Fucker, I wanna get my cow tipper on!" As Jay is leaving, he yells off-screen, "Hey, Silent Bob, some pickle fucker just gave us free eats!" after Lance does so, revealing that Jay occasionally just randomly calls people "pickle fucker".
  • The parody disaster movie The Big Bus contains the immortal line "Jeeze! You eat one foot and they call you a cannibal!"
  • Invoked in David Cronenberg's The Brood when Robert Silverman's character intends to sue the psychiatric clinic (run by Oliver Reed) that he believes to be responsible for his lymph cancer. He knows he's going to lose the case, but he also knows that in a few years, people won't even remember the verdict.
    All they'll remember is the slogan: "Psychoplasmics Gives You Cancer." Catchy, huh?
  • In For Your Consideration, Harry Shearer's character, Victor Allen Miller, is a dramatic actor who has been a veteran of stage for 40 years, yet all most people seem to remember of him is being a hotdog pitchman on TV when he was younger.
  • Joel Schumacher is seen by many as the director that killed the 90s Batman franchise with Batman & Robin. A prolific director with interesting films under his belt, yet for the fan(boy)dom he's branded as the director of Batman & Robin.
    • There's also the infamous "Bat-nipples" on Batman and Robin's costumes. This one is loaded with Unfortunate Implications, considering Schumacher is homosexual.
  • The Other Guys: Mark Wahlberg's character, Terry Hoitz, became a pariah within the NYPD and the city as a whole when he shot a man in a Yankee Stadium corridor during the World Series, not knowing it was Derek Jeter. Although he's been on desk duty ever since then, his coworkers STILL don't let him forget.
  • Look at all the Labyrinth fanfics that include Jareth saying "precious" or "precious thing". He only said that phrase ONCE in the whole movie.
    • Also, David Bowie's rather tight pants that draw the eye no matter how much you try to resist.
  • One wonders if Chyler Leigh has a rule about doing interviews; that they never bring up Kickboxing Academy. If you're a regular visitor of, you know why...
  • Joe Dirt: After being abducted by "Buffalo Bob", everyone asks Joe if he was harmed in certain ways, even though nothing terrible really happened.
  • The Gangster Squad trailer showed a scene of the antagonists shooting people through a movie theater screen. This trailer was shown right before James Holmes started his shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado. The movie failed at the box office likely because of it
  • Thanks to the Hitler Rants parodies, a number of Downfall characters are best known for something inconsequential they did.
    • Krebs is obsessed with pointing at maps.
    • Jodl objects to everything.
    • Burgdorf is The Alcoholic
  • Most of the comedians from the first half of the 20th century like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges are often dismissed for being nothing else besides people throwing pies into each other's faces. Despite the fact that most of these comedians, like Keaton and The Marx Brothers, never made a film featuring pie fights. And even with the other comedians the amount of films with pie fights can be counted on one hand.
  • Jim Carrey has put in some well-developed, nuanced performances (Man in the Moon, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Truman Show), but to many folks he's still the guy who bends over and talks out of his rear end.
  • Hypothermia combines splatter flick elements with the character study found in atmospheric horror. It contained a less than convincing man-in-suit monster too - which was onscreen perhaps three minutes. A comparitively large number of reviews say positive things to say about the character-driven portion which the first forty minutes of the movie, have little to no negative things to mention beyond the barely-seen unconvincing suit - the ratings accompanying these reviews would at first glance give the impression the reviewer hated the entire movie!
  • In The Innkeepers once had Claire, while drunk, plays an immature prank on drunk colleague Luke, putting a bedsheet over her head, thus playing a "ghost" as comic relief. At least one review cites "the bedsheet ghost" as a reason the movie is bad - suggesting the filmmakers tried to scare the audience, and that the scene is genuinely intended as scary.
  • At the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, Lars von Trier made some incredibly bad, awkward and possibly even offensive jokes about being a Nazi and understanding Hitler. The controversy overshadowed the movie of his that was played at the festival, and he payed for it months afterward, until he resolved to never make another public statement or interview.
  • Michael Bay is never going to live down trying to make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aliens, even though this wasn't even what was going to happen (he was going to have the ooze that gave the Turtles their abilities be of alien origin, like the original comic and pretty much every other adaptation other than the 80's cartoon and the 90's films.) This can be blamed on Bay stating that the turtles would be "from an alien race" and not clarifying on what he meant.
  • Man of Steel: Die-hard Superman fans are still angry about the fact that Superman kills Zod by snapping his neck. To hear some of them talk about it, you'd think the entire movie is just two hours of Superman brutally murdering criminals. Oh, and don't expect any of them to bring up why it had to be done, or even that it had to. Zod was about to fry a family with his heat vision and had resolved to kill every human on earth. Supes was trying as hard as he could to restrain him and was failing.
    • Jonathan Kent is remembered for answering "maybe" when Clark asked him if he should have let his classmates die in order to keep his secret.
  • The premise of the HBO TV movie Clear History is that main character Nathan Flomm never managed to live down being the guy who cashed in his share of a car company just days before its insanely popular electric car model went public, thus managing to lose out on over a billion dollars and becoming a laughingstock overnight.
  • An In-Universe example happens in The Long Hot Summer. The Quick family just can't seem to shake its reputation as a family of barn burners, and it gets the protagonist run out of town before the opening credits even get the chance to start.
  • William Atherton has had a quite respectable career spanning several decades, but it'll always come back to being called "dickless" in Ghostbusters. On the film's commentary, Ivan Reitman recounts the time a quite angry Atherton talked to him about a tour bus that pulled up beside him so everyone could shout "Yo, dickless!"
  • Dragonball Evolution earned the reputation by Dragonball fans and generally, the anime and manga fandom as a terrible Hollywood live-action adaption of a very popular anime franchise. Because of this, the fandom would remain skeptic on Hollywood's attempt on adapting manga and anime into the big screen. The reception of Edge of Tomorrow might have change this view but it is still not enough to change the fandom's perception.
  • On the commentary to Footloose Kevin Bacon states that whenever he attends a social function where there will be dancing, he has to slip the DJ a $20 to ensure no one breaks out the Kenny Loggins and expects him to dance.
  • Stand by Me : Wil Wheaton said in an interview on the DVD extras that the line "Suck my fat one, you cheap dimestore hood" is one he'll never live down.