Needs More Love / Podcast

  • The Bright Sessions is a Radio Drama absolutely full of Superpower deconstructions and justifications, and manages to make an empath empathetic. It's based around a Psychologist who sees these people with superpowers (and who is not an empath) and they really make the most of a simple format.
  • Treknologic is an amazing podcast. The hosts have an innate ability to be funny and serious at the same time, and are actually accepting of ideas different from their own. This, along with a strong fanbase and fun trivia, begs one to ask why the show isn't more popular.
  • The Comic Book Cast podcast. Comic news, funny, and just plain happy.
  • Now Playing Podcast. With a intelligent, hilarious group of hosts, they give consistent entertainment and reviews of many a franchise.
  • Kakos Industries is an incredibly funny, well written, and is presented in a charming fake news format for an Evil, Inc.. It has a modest following at best though certainly deserves a bigger audience.
  • The Monster Hunters offers adventure, a lovable cast with interesting character arcs, and every conceivable so-bad-it's-good movie trope played for laughs, yet has a tiny following.
  • The Biggest Problem In The Universe is a hilarious, insightful podcast co-hosted by Maddox, of The Best Page in the Universe fame.