Needs More Love / Manhwa

  • Ciel The Last Autumn Story is a Korean manhwa that takes place in a fantasy world similar to 18th/19th century Europe. The main character is Yvienne Magnolia, a 15 year old girl who was accepted into a government run school for witches and sorcerers. Though I say 'main character', she shares her screentime pretty equally with three others she befriends- Lariatte Kingdiamond, January Lightsphere, and Daughter. It's a clever, engaging series that enjoys poking fun at and deconstructing the various cliches involved with the romance genre, and the growing relationships between the four main characters are entertaining and heartwarming. And if it sounds a little too lighthearted for you, in volume 14 Cerebus Syndrome sets in and all the darker elements that have been brimming under the surface regarding the characters and their world in general finally start to come to the forefront.
  • Laon is a manhwa about a Gumiho (Korean version of Fantastic Foxes) who is sent to earth as punishment and has to seek out its missing tails. In the process lots of people die, demons attempt to invade our world, and a poor young man who lost his true love long ago and yet can't remember how or why gets mixed up in the meddling. The page only has tropes and description up to about the third volume at best, and since all six have been localized in a number of countries by now it definitely deserves more attention than it's been getting, if only because it's pretty informative about certain Korean myths.