Narm: Sailor Moon

  • When Sailor Moon was originally dubbed in English, the translators chose to give Luna an older, British, Julie Andrews–type voice rather than the voice of a young woman that she has in Japanese. It usually works fine, but there's Narm when, in the S movie, she falls in love with a much younger-sounding man and later appears briefly as a young woman with a much older-sounding voice.
  • Pretty much everything that comes out of Molly/Naru's mouth in the original dub. Her unfitting Brooklyn accent sounded 40 years old, and it turned the character into an obnoxious caricature. In Episode 20, the character was required to display a wider range of emotions, including crying. The episode was otherwise handled very well, and is arguably DiC's best-dubbed episode. It would have been perfect had Molly's awful voice not slaughtered the emotion.
  • Ditto with everything that comes out of Amy/Sailor Mercury's mouth in the original S/SuperS dub. Her delivery is so stilled and awkward, any emotion required is narm at it's fullest. This trope is especially noticeable during her featured episodes, where she has the most lines and emotions, making it really grating to get through an episode carried by that voice...
  • The R dub has one (which was probably intended to be funny, but not through stupidity):
    "Oh no, not the ducks!" [Insert Nicholas Cage/"The Wicker Man" joke here.]
    • The movie has Fiore dramatically shoving Usagi in slow motion, which shocks everyone. Made especially hilarious in the English dub.
      Raye: Coward! Come back here!
      Lita: You should be ashamed! It's not right to push people!
  • The infamous dinosaur-related Beach Episode is Narm in pure form; but the most poignant moment is when Sailor Moon uses her finishing move to destroy a rock that was going to crush Chibiusa and her dinosaur friend. Not only is the sight of Sailor Moon using her super attack to destroy a boulder stupid, but this also raises the question of why none of the other scouts do this. (They handwave it by saying that they "were out of energy"; but they used their attacks only once each. Also — did the rock stop on thin air while Sailor Moon did her attack choreography? Even if you accept the villains standing around and waiting, why would gravity do it?
    • Some theorize that the transformations and attacks happen instantaneously in-universe; we're just seeing the flashy sequences to make it look more dramatic to us. It's just that the Rule of Perception is a powerful thing. (Billy Batson didn't have a long transformation sequence, did he?)
  • When Sailor Neptune frees herself from a trap to which she was strapped and then gets shot with many projectiles to try to stop Eudial from hurting Sailor Uranus, the shooting angles and animation were so weird that the tension poofed away.
  • Captain Obvious moments abound, and it gets either annoying or funny. Luna seems to do this a lot.
    [monster creates sea pillars and attacks Sailor Moon with them]
    Luna: Careful, Sailor Moon! That monster can attack with water!
    • Ami is a major offender, too, especially in the North American dub. The Abridged Series makes being Captain Obvious her defining trait.
  • In the otherwise good (and sad) season one finale, Mercury and the DD Girls attacking her have this exchange:
    DD Girl: We'll turn you into a roast pig.
    Sailor Mercury (in pain): How rude.
    DD Girl: Then how about a baked potato?
    • Mercury's lonely death scene is sad, but this exchange is awkwardly funny and probably shouldn't have been.
    • That unfitting brassy fanfare that sounded like it was out of Street Fighter.
  • The SuperS movie. As if the Japanese wasn't already corny enough, the dub brought us some gems (that can be seen in this video:)
    • "Don't bite into the donut, Sailor Moon! It's dangerous!"
    • As introductions:
      "Too much candy can make you sick! I'm Sailor Uranus...."
      "Rotten candy must be discarded! I'm Sailor Pluto!"
    • "Set them all free right now, you evil, sick cow!!"
  • Three words: STAR GENTLE UTERUS. Metaphorically, it made sense; but yelling out that body part...
    • A lot of the attack phrases sound just plain silly in broken Engrish and any number of mixed languages.
  • "Avacados, papayas, mangoes... Rotten fruit."
  • Many serious scenes are this because of some of the English voice actors. Serena/Sailor Moon, Darien/Tuxedo Mask, Luna, Amy, Molly, Nephrite, Rini, and the strangely Yoda-sounding Zirconia were prime offenders here.
    • A good scene of Narm involving Darien in the English dub? The beginning of this scene where he sounds like he's taking a dump before the scene cuts to Serena being held at Prince Diamond's lair.
    • "Me, Serena, a princess? Now this is way past weird!" Way to ruin that mood you were building up, DiC.
    • Don't forget this absolutely HILARIOUS exchange from the English dub of Episode 157. Not helped by the fact that Zirconia's dub voice literally sounded like Yoda.
    Ves-Ves: "There's a lot of girl power staring at you right now!"
    Zirconia: "It's not NICE to stare!"
  • The last two episodes of SuperS. First, Chibiusa's image projected onto the moon asks everybody to chant "crisis make up", so that she and Sailor Moon can defeat Nehellenia. Later on, when Usagi and Chibiusa fall from the sky, the fact that Usagi and Chibiusa just keep falling (as evidenced by the numerous stories they pass) when they should have reached the ground long ago distracts from the otherwise powerful scene.
  • From the R-movie: Right after/during a major Tear Jerker, the real villain asks Fiore why he can't go on.
    Fiore: "I can't... because Mamoru threw a flower at me."
  • In the original dub of Super S, Sailor Mercury's bubble attack once resulted in Zirconia going "Ahh! It's cold! And wet!" as if she threw a bucket of water at him.
  • A game many fans like to play is "dub or porno?" Many, many times in the DiC and Cloverway dubs there are some... unfortunate sounding grunts, groans, and cries. A person who had their eyes closed or isn't looking at the screen could get a very different idea of what's going on in one of these scenes.
  • "Call my lawyer!" "No, please! I'll lose my wheels!".
  • The brazilian dub might qualify as well. Starting from the R season, the dubbing company have made several translation mistakes. Just so you have an idea, "Sailor Senshi/Scouts" have been translated to "Sailor Moons". That's right, the sailor senshi were now called the "Sailor Moons". Most of their trademark speeches have been translated to variations of this: "I'm a guardian who stands for love to the justice, I'm one of the Sailor Moons. Sailor Moon will punish you on behalf of the Moon!". On top of that, some attacks have been affected as well. Remember the "Moon Princess Halation" attack? In the brazilian dub, it was called "BY THE POWERS OF THE TIARA FROM THE MOON PRINCESS", aside from being a long attack name, it has nothing to do with her tiara at all.
  • The recycled close-up scene of Jadeite's hand (while drawing energy) in the early episodes looks suspiciously like he is giving the audience the middle finger, which is probably why all instances of it were cut out of the DiC dub.