Narm / One Piece

One Piece has many dramatic, emotional and funny moments, but sometimes some of their impact is lost in the execution.
  • When Usopp duels Luffy over the Going Merry, one of the most tragic moments in the series, he gives every indication that, despite being the weakest member of the crew, he knows how he fights and is going to put everything he has into the duel. He then makes his first moves... boasting about having 8,000 followers (albeit an Ironic Echo of their first meeting) and using "Usopp Spell" to make Luffy imagine himself in terrible pain. Granted, many of Usopp's techniques (especially those used in the duel) are used to make the enemy underestimate him while hiding their true effect, but the comically unbelievable lies felt out of place.
  • Episodes 404 and 405, in which Kuma arrives and teleports all the Straw Hats away from their losing battle with Kizaru, Sentoumaru and the Pacifista, lose some of the drama with the sometimes Off-Model animation and the tendency of the Straw Hats to stare at what's happening with their mouths gaping wide open.
  • In the same episodes as the above example, upon realizing that he failed to save any of his crew, Luffy proceeds to bang his head on the ground and kick his feet in the air like a little boy being denied a lollipop. Needless to say, it's... uh... moving?
  • In the anime, whenever Ace is visibly shocked or disturbed by the goings-on throughout the Marineford Arc, he utters a bizarre "kkkkgkkkgk" grunt. And come the Marineford Arc, when he dies in the anime, he goes splat on the ground.
  • Marco's Big Bird-esque legs when attacking Akainu.
  • One Piece is usually good with tearful goodbyes... except the one Sanji gave to his friends at the restaurant when leaving to join the Strawhat crew, in which he shouts "GOODBYE, YOU CRAP GUYS!" while crying. Arguably, Narm Charm.
  • Usopp being accepted back into the crew is probably the worst example of One Piece's signature Inelegant Blubbering gone bad. Depictions of crying, shouting or shocked people usually have lots of snot running out their noses when they cry. Though it ruins the usual "romantic" depiction in fiction of a crying person, especially a woman, it's realistic, except that real people don't have so much snot running. But the narm when Usopp and Luffy are both bawling like a bunch of five-year-olds. It's too nasty to make the scene sad.
  • Some parts of the Viz translation of the manga drop into narm because of following some of the more questionable name choices from the 4Kids Cut-and-Paste Translation. For example, the Bird Bird Fruit and Dog Dog Fruit are called the "Tweet Tweet" and "Mutt Mutt" fruits, respectively. Not only does "Mutt Mutt" make no sense (the dog forms are very much exact breeds, not mixed "mutts"), it severely cheapens the badass factor when both of Alabasta's guardian "spirits" proudly declare that they've eaten these ridiculous-sounding fruits. The Finnish translation of the manga sees your "Tweet Tweet" and "Mutt Mutt", and raises you "Kisukisu-marja" (roughly, "Kitty Kitty Fruit"). Yeah, that's the official name for the Leopard fruit eaten by Rob Lucci, one of the most vicious characters in the series. Made especially baffling because they could just as easily have gone with plain old "kissa", which simply means cat.
  • Again regarding the Viz translation, their refusal to use breezy language removes the drama from some scenes.
    *Zoro gets cut by Mihawk*
    Luffy: DARN YOU!
  • The scanlations. It may be a common complaint among scanlations, but it's hard to take a chapter seriously when the translator honestly thinks it would be a good idea to pepper the dialogue with "OMG"s and "WTF"s.
  • Let's talk about Vivi for a moment. For a while after she's introduced, she's referred to as Bebe, BB, and a few other names almost interchangeably before settling on Vivi. The Narm comes when they introduce Pell and, after calling him this for a while, suddenly start to refer to him as Bere when the panel in question features Vivi. This quickly ruins the mood of Pell's heroic sacrifice a few pages later.
  • As of chapter 574, Oda has apparently broken the famed "no main character dies in One Piece". That person was Luffy's (adoptive) brother Ace. And what face does Luffy make to convey this tragic loss? A passed out Pac-Man. Not exactly the death of the Going Merry.
  • The death of the Going Merry itself was this for some. The fact that the ship starts talking as it's given a viking funeral, complete with the standard Inelegant Blubbering from almost everyone and Luffy and his ship trading apologies, may wind up ruining any tension built up over the course of the entire arc.
  • In hindsight, the scene where Buggy and Cabaji use their minions and Ritchie to shield themselves from a Buggy Ball blast is rather groan-worthy, because Buggy and his crew simply aren't evil enough to make that kind of thing work.
  • Hachi's reaction when Fisher Tiger dies. It wasn't as noticeable in the manga, but when the scene was animated... just the look on his face along with the sound he makes utterly ruins the scene...
  • Spandam's reaction when the Straw Hats burn down The World Government flag:
    Spandam: Are you out of your mind!? Don't think you'll be able to survive having the world as your enemy!
  • Film Z has Luffy effectively going to war with the title character's forces. The awesome is spoiled somewhat by Luffy wearing a gigantic chicken drumstick on his back.
  • An odd example occurs in the dub of the Loguetown arc, Luffy is about to be executed and his tone of voice as he tells his friends they're too late to save him kind of takes away from the drama the scene is trying to convey. His next line completely takes the wind out of the sails with him laughing and declaring "I'm still alive, that's nice". Needless to say Luffy is a master of Narm.
  • The Arc of the Strawhat Crew trying to save Robin at Water 7 was, no doubt, very emotional. But this just breaks when you hear Luffy's hoarse, and god-so-loud voice of "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNN!" after he defeats Rob Lucci.
  • Editing in the 4Kids dub removed any drama and tension from any scenes involving guns, one of the biggest examples being very early in the series, when Helmeppo held Coby hostage with... whatever the hell this is. Inverted to hell with the Funimation dub. Not only did they not edit any of the scenes, the dialog is arguably more risque than the subtitled version.
  • Hodi defeating an entire pirate crew by himself while his hands are shackled is supposed to make him look like a credible Big Bad. Unfortunately a few things get in the way. First, the captain of said crew only has a bounty of 73 million (well below New World average of 100 million). Second, Hodi had just taken three Steroid Pills, making him eight times stronger than normal. The result is like seeing Bruce Lee beat an untrained thug with one hand behind his back; it's not impressive, but embarrassing. Though it does help that Hodi was actually a case of Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond.
  • Any time Luffy says "Gum-Gum..." when calling out his attacks, especially when facing powerful opponents. It just sounds plain silly next to awesome attack names like "Kong Gun" and "Jet Gatling".
  • In the manga, The Reveal of Charlotte Pudding as a mix of Honey Trap, Master Actor and Mommy's Little Villainess loses a good part of its until-then genuinely good impact when the character in question begins to make incredibly stupid looking nightmare faces... Only Sanji's genuine heartbreak as he overhears this manages to somewhat save the scene.
  • Pretty much everybody assumed that the Vinsmoke family had blond hair (like Sanji) and wore black raid suits with their respective colors being the secondary color. So, with the reveal that all of them (except Judge) actually have hair that goes with their epithets and bright colorful suits to match, their impact as badass assassins was dulled for some. To be fair though, the possible homage to Super Sentai that this suggests might also make this Narm Charm for some.
    • Speaking of the Vinsmokes, Niji's seiyuu (Atsushi Miyauchi) voices him drastically deeper than anybody expected in the anime, and the pure Vocal Dissonance every time he opens his mouth may be Narm for some.
    • And finally, one last complaint about the Vinsmokes that's been popping up is the "boing" noise that their hover shoes make every time they step in the anime, which some people have accused of being unfitting for deadly assassins (as well as annoying).
  • Oda's attempt to make Sanji's "nosebleeds" life-threatening during the starting portions of the 2-year Time Skip can be quite hard to take seriously. Especially if you're used to nosebleeds for comedic purposes in general.
  • Some of the reaction shots to Pedro suicide bombing Perospero to free the Sunny at the climax of the Whole Cake Island arc leave a bit to be desired. While Nami and Carrot express suitable horror and shock, Jimbei's muppet-like gape... doesn't.
  • In the lead up to Episodes 807 & 808 (aired as a "one hour special"), Toei cut a promo that compared Sanji's "betrayal" to Judas and Brutus. Anime fans found it silly while manga readers found it extremely silly and over-the-top, especially knowing the details behind the "betrayal".
  • In Chapter 879, Katakuri countering Luffy's attacks with stronger versions is definitely badass. Him following up with the line "Rubber could never beat mochi" completely destroys the seriousness of the dramatic battle.
  • Big Momís scream in the manga was deafening, enough to make most of the pages go by wordlessly as most characters had their ears plugged to avoid it. In the anime? Not only are most scenes that involved no dialogue given unnecessary talking lines, but the scream sounds more like a dull whine no louder, if not quieter, than the rest of Big Momís dialogue.