Names The Same / Web Original

  • In Twitch Plays Pokémon, the name "A" is a Running Gag. Since their second game, they have made a habit of naming something "A" in every game they've played. In Crystal it was a Raticate, referred to as "Ace" by the community. In Emerald and FireRed it was the Player Character's name. In Platinum it was a Kricketot (which ended up not being too important to the playthrough), and in HeartGold it was a Bonsly, which later evolved into a Sudowoodo, and did end up being important to the playthrough. Ironically, A the Sudowoodo was the one who delivered the final blow to the True Final Boss of the run, who was none other than the protagonist from Fire Red, who was also named A, also known as Alice.
  • Played for laughs in Agents of Cracked when Swaim invites "Garfield" to a teleconference, describing him both as Garfield the cat and Garfield the former president of the United States. Eventually, President Garfield the Cat shows up to the teleconference, complaining that he was promised lasagna.
  • There is a YouTuber named Matthew Santoro, and also a movie director/visual effects artist named Matthew Santoro, who did visual effects for 300.
  • There's a Let's Play YouTube channel named Versus and a Let's Play YouTube series named VS.
  • On DC: United We Stand, Detective Warren White has the same name as the Gotham-based villain "Great White".
  • Humorously, HeyAshWhatchaPlayin has Ashly Burch and Ashley Davis. Which causes problems since someone threatened to kill Ashly, and Anthony is (at least in the series) hinted to be dyslexic...
  • The John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show has a few characters named after real-life celebrities which bear no further similarities to their real-life namesakes, the most prominent example probably being Don Durbridge.
  • Dolan is either a badly drawn duck or a set of twins who make YouTube videos.