Names The Same / Real vs. Fictional

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  • Janis Ian: 1970s folk/pop singer and LGBT icon whose biggest hit was "At Seventeen", or Cady's Ambiguously Gay best friend in Mean Girls, who's presumably supposed to be seventeen?
  • General Ike, leading allied multinational forces against a destructive madman. Is this Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance or Dwight D. Eisenhower?
    • Ike's crowd cheer in the English version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl plays with this a bit. "We like Ike" indeed.
    • Also, Ike was the name of a powerful hurricane, which resulted in many jokes in the Smash Bros. community during September 2008.
  • Are the IMF the International Monetary Fund or the Impossible Mission Force? Or the Improbable Mission Force (this of course being an Affectionate Parody of the second example)?
  • "La India" is the stage name of salsa and Latin pop singer Linda Viera Caballero. She should not be confused with "La India María", a character created and played by Mexican actress and comedienne María Elena Velasco, who was born 29 years before the singer.note 
  • In a...rather unfortunate case, ISIS (originally a goddess from Egyptian mythology; usually spelled "Isis") could either refer to the Islamic state terrorist group or the spy agency from Archer. The name was dropped from Season 5 onwards for this reason.
    • There's also the title character from Filmation's live action series The Secrets of Isis (referred to onscreen as simply "Isis"), who was the first female superhero on Saturday morningsnote 
  • Bruce Irvin is either the defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks or a kickboxing mercenary from Tekken.
  • Kiyotaka Ishimaru is both the Ultimate Moral Compass at Hope's Peak Academy and a former Japanese soccer player.
  • Kanae Ito is a minor character in Amagami. Kanae Ito is a prominent anime voice actress. The fictional one, though, is voiced by Yuki Matsuoka.
  • Daniel Jackson - working with the military exploring the Stargate or in the US Navy exploring under the ocean?
  • A minor character in Charles Dickens's Bleak House is named Michael Jackson.
  • Jesse James is a infamous American Wild West bank robber, outlaw, and murderer while Jesse James, who may or may not be related, is a bad-ass motorcycle "customizer" and the former Mr. Sandra Bullock. They are no way related to Jesse Jayne, the raven-haired British pop singer or Jesse Jane, the peroxide blonde porn star.
    • It is worth noting that the Western outlaw is the namesake of Jessie and James.
  • Japari is the name of either a school in South Africa or a park full of Friends.
  • Hugh Jass the one-off Simpsons character, and Hugh Jarse the programmer for 1980s British software house Bug-Byte.note 
  • Billie Jean: A character in an eponymous Michael Jackson song, and a Las Vegas hoarder found dead under clutter piled to the ceiling. Not to be confused in any case with Billie Jean King - which was actually something that concerned producer Quincy Jones quite a bit, to the point that the song almost didn't get released.
  • Jem: The Welsh singer-songwriter, or leader of The Holograms?note 
  • Leeroy Jenkins is a meme spawned from a famous World of Warcraft video as well as a trope named after it. Leroy Jenkins, on the other hand, is a televangelist notorious for setting up conspiracies to assault two men and plotting the arson of two homes and preaching faith healing via "miracle water". There's also Leroy Jenkins the jazz musician.
  • Arthur Jensen is a UC-Berkeley sociology professor (in)famous for his arguments in favor of a genetic and racial basis for human intelligence. He's also the guy who told Howard Beale about the primal forces of nature. And he's Adam Jensen's adoptive father.
  • Is Johnny C. a famous comedian with a late night talk show, a famous singer or a crawfish?
  • Avery Johnson: Former NBA player and head coach or a Marine Sergeant Major for the UNSC?
  • Boris Johnson was the Mayor of London between 2008 and 2016 and the British Foreign Secretary. Boris Johnson is also head of the Democratic League and a major character in Norman Spinrad's science fiction novel Agent of Chaos; in fact, the first two words in the book are his name (Agent of Chaos was published three years after the mayor's birth).
  • Cave Johnson is either the Postmaster-General who introduced stamps to America or the CEO of Aperture Science.
  • Kevin Johnson: Former NBA player and Mayor of Sacramento, or Michael's alias on Lost? (The show has a large number of characters and aliases named intentionally after real people or fictional characters. This one seems to be unintentional.)
  • Jonathan and Charlotte: youthful operatic duo featured on Britain's Got Talent, or youthful vampire-hunting duo from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin?
  • Bobby Jones played golf. But was he the amateur great who also founded the Masters Tournament, or the vicar's son from Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
    • Bobby Jones was also the name of two MLB pitchers who were active from the '90s to early 2000s, and the name of one of the mainstays of the Julius Erving and Moses Malone-led Philadelphia 76ers of the early '80s.
  • Helen Fielding's fictional character Bridget Jones should not be confused with the Bridget Jones who was a writer and occasional actress on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and eventual wife of fellow MSTer Michael J. Nelson.)
  • Davy Jones is a singer with The Monkees; a turn-of-the century baseball player; one of the main cartoonists in Viz; the real name of the singer whose stage name is David Bowie; a villainous undead pirate in the Pirates of the Caribbean films; and the personification of the sea in nautical folklore.
    • The undead pirate was inspired by the folklore character, and Bowie changed his name because of the Monkees singer.
    • There's also a recurring character with the name in the Bloody Jack novels.
    • A SpongeBob episode had a joke in which the Monkees' Davy fell in place of the folklore character.
  • Jamie Foxx's Horrible Bosses character Dean Jones goes by the name Motherfucker because his real name is the same as that of an actor who appeared in Disney films, including The Love Bug. There was also an Australian cricketer by that name.
  • Jack Jones: American pop singer, or English butcher and Lance Corporal in the Home Guard?
  • January Jones, an actress born in 1978 or a female US-adventurer and pilot in the 1930's with a brother who is a famous archeologist and a sidekick from Rotterdam, sharing a universe with Agent 327 and Johnny Goodbye, whose adventures have been published since 1988 in Dutch comics?
  • Rapper Mike Jones once said on a Missy Elliott song that he "can't be cloned". He probably never met the pro wrestler known as Virgil/Vincent, whose real name is also Mike Jones. To add to that... Mike Jones is also the name of the main character from StarTropics.
  • Tom Jones is the stage name of a Welsh pop singer as well as the eponymous protagonist of Henry Fielding's novel. This wouldn't be an example, as the singer took his name from the book, except that a third Tom Jones wrote The Fantasticks and other musicals with composer Harvey Schmidt.
    • Darren Shan named one of the protagonists' childhood friends in his series "Tommy Jones" and didn't notice it was the same until fans asked him about it. When he brings the character back grown up as a famous soccer star in book 11, stands are selling t-shirts outside of the stadium that say, "It's not unusual, he's the greatest number one!", and the crowd sings that when he scores.
  • Jennifer Simpson is both an American Olympic athlete and the 14 year old protagonist of the horror game Clock Tower.