Names The Same / Radio

  • Over-exciteable shouty far-too-loud-for-mornings BBC radio DJ Chris Evans, a red-haired nerdy glasses-wearing type with an impressive track record in radio and TV is often confused with American actor Chris Evans.
  • Similarly, the BBC employs a DJ on Radio Six called John Holmes. He has work to do to dissociate himself from the now-deceased legendary porn star of the same name, renowned for his large and impressive erection.
  • While veteran DJ Johnny Walker quite deliberately renamed himself after a sophisticated scotch whisky.
  • Many sports radio stations in the U.S. call themselves "The Fan," "The Zone," "The Ticket," and such.
  • A 1970s Radio Caroline and RNI DJ used the pseudonym Robin Banks. In the early 2000s the same name was used by a DJ on the Irish-based international station Atlantic 252.
  • BBC Radio 3 presenter Sarah Walker is not to be confused with the mezzo-soprano of the same name, who has frequently appeared on the channel.