Names The Same: Professional Wrestling

  • The World Wide Fund for Nature, originally called the World Wildlife Fund (which remains the organization's legal name in the US and Canada), has always been known as the WWF. Hence, when the World Wide Wrestling Federation shortened its name to the same initialism, a lawsuit ensued. The environmental organization came out victorious, so the wrestling company had to change their name to the World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE for short.note 
  • Professional Wrestling itself has "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and just plain ol' Steve Williams, who changed his name to Steve Austin in deference to Dr. Death, who came first.
    • ALSO similarly, the fact that Steve Williams was known as Dr. Death at the same time pro wrestler David Schultz was also known as Dr. Death (shortened to Dr. D. as a result). Schultz was (in)famous (and later blackballed) for the 20/20 segment where he cuffed John Stossel for calling wrestling fake.
  • In an absolutely bizarre coincidence, former TNA wrestler/evil security guard Murphy's real name is Michael Cole. Oddly enough, the WWE commentator uses that as a Stage Name, as his real name is Michael Coulthard.
  • Former WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion William Regal originally wrestled under the name Lord Steven Regal. He is not the same person as former AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal.
  • Who are the Nightbreed? Glen Osbourne and Max Thrasher (ECW), Jackal and Cabal (GCW), Abaddon and Baltazar (WCPW), Snare and Nathaniel Creed (EDW) or Lucifer Grimm and Snakeman (EGW)?
  • Who are T&A? Tina Ferrari and Ashley Cartier, Test and Albert or Talia Madison and April Hunter?
  • There's also MVP, either a crazed baseball fan with a White Mask of Doom or an Ambiguously Brown former United States Champion with a fondness for spandex. (Of course, the former eventually changed his ring name to Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz, by which he is still known today.)
  • A wrestler from the USA, Widow Maker Angel Williams, also know as Dark Angel, is often stumbled upon by Canadian and Mexican fans looking for a very different Angel Williams and Dark Angel. To fans in the USA, they are better known as Angelina Love and Sarah Stock, so there is less confusion, Dark Angel instead inspiring words about an insanely long iron man match.
  • The Apocalypse of UPW fame is not the same one who had a stint in Ring of Honor.
  • Rosa Negra of CMLL and The Black Rose Nikki Adams are of no relation to Black Rose\La Rosa Negra of WWC and Ring Warriors.
  • The International Wrestling Cartel has featured Matt Stryker, perhaps most famous for his uni brow, and Matt Striker, your teacher.
  • Is The United States Wrestling Organization Tag Team and Music City Champion Kevin Dunn, or is he that guy who does WWE's TV?
  • In Canada based Top Ranked Wrestling, the Explicit Content Stable unleashed the tag team known as Double Platinum, made up of Disco Fury and Vance Nevada. In Ohio Valley Wrestling, Ryan Howe found a kindred spirit in Rock Star Spud, the two forming a tag team known as...Double Platinum.
  • Around 2003, two wrestlers known as Luscious Latasha who also looked almost exactly alike, broke into the business. The easiest way to tell them apart was that one Luscious Latasha was nearly a foot taller than the other. The taller woman later became known as "La La".
  • Both SHINE and Vintage Wrestling had tag teams known as "The Buddy System" around the same time.