Mythology Gag: Fan Fic

  • After her spiritual conversion to Catholicism in Angel Of The Bat, Cassandra Cain wishes to give up the Batgirl mantle and start fresh under the name of "Angel of the Bat" (usually Angel for short). After retiring from her original costume, Stephanie Brown briefly wears it in her place and mentions she'd like to take her place with her blessing, and that the costume could use some purple. These were all references to Batgirl2009 which, in this continuity, didn't/hadn't taken place.

Calvin and Hobbes

Cross Over
  • In the Death Note and The House of Night Crossover No Hoper Light is very skilled at fencing and swordplay. In How To Read 13, the manual for the Death Note series, Ohba and Obata state that they were originally going to have Light and L be fencing masters and do a fencing duel before they ultimately settled for tennis instead. Also Light's new surname, Asahi, came from the canon as an alias used by both Light and Soichiro during the Kira investigation.
  • There are numerous references to dialogs and quotes from Ace Combat video games in Ace Combat The Equestrian War.
  • In chapter 10 of Port-Ed, as the Eds are about to incinerate the Curiosity Core, Ed states that it will be just like Narbacular Drop. Narbacular Drop was the student project that eventually became Portal.
  • Shinnok's understanding of the universes he handles leaves us with plenty of these in the New Look Series, such as Sonic's hydrophobia, or Ash's memories of the Ashley incident.
  • The Naruto/TMNT crossover Teenage Jinchuriki Shinobi has Raphael in a tag team with Hyuuga Neji against Kidomaru, a sound ninja who has spider-like properties. In the 2012 series of TMNT, Spiderbytez was a result of Raph's anger problems.
  • In The Captain Of The Virtual Console, the Pokemon arc, despite being an adaptation of Pokemon Yellow, has some post-Gen 1 elements, like Berries and Johto Pokemon.
  • There are several in Necessary To Win, more often to the Saki side of the story as a result of the fic taking place primarily in the Girls und Panzer world.
    • Hisa vaguely references Yasuko losing to someone younger than her in the past, a reference to Yasuko's defeat against Koromo.
    • Toki, while hospitalized during the match between Pravda and Black Forest, wishes that she could use astral projection to help Ryuuka know where to go in order to win, much like Ryuuka's ability in the captain match of the semi-finals of Saki.
    • As the Saunders team discusses how to deal with Oarai, Mairu suggests that they could afford to make some sacrifices to gain the advantage, not unlike how she favored giving up the vanguard match by placing someone who wasn't good enough to win but wouldn't go under 0, and having the stronger players recoup the losses. Kirame, the said sacrifice from canon, suggests that it would be a way for them to help the team, but Himeko, who, in canon, had reservations about the plan, tells Kirame not to sell herself short.
    • In Toki's final scene, it's pointed out that she can't see the future, a reference to her ability in Saki.
  • In Fist Of The Moon, Ranma shows off her Gender Bender Mode Lock to try to quell a hostile girl's gym class she's been assigned to, protesting that she is just as much a girl as they are. Akane ends up adding her two cents by saying, "and better built to boot", something Ranma used to insult her with in the first volume of the manga.
  • In Wizard Runemaster, after Dobby saves the group from Aran, Onyxia warns him that if he saves her again, she will eat him.
  • In Sekirei? Is that some new species of little sister?, Naruto and Uzume do a "Lee! Gai-sensei!" style hug, yelling "Bro!" and "Little sister!". Naruto even uses his god-like powers to create an ocean at sunset for fun.
  • In The World's End, Angel wonders if Xander (Who's gained the powers of Trunks) could catch an attack even while meditating. He throws a shield at Xander, who gets hit in the face and starts cursing.
  • There are several nods to both Super Sentai and Power Rangers in Super Sentai Vs Power Rangers The Liveblog.
    • Radiguet's monsters' naming schemes take from the naming schemes from the Rangers in several Sentai shows, such as Himitsu Sentai Goranger and Dai Sentai Goggle Five.
    • In Quest 25, Rika tells Takeru, "But don't worry, M!Takeru. You still have Haruka to fall in love with, too, you damn playboy!", and she mentions that Okelampa may likely be grumbling about a raise. Both are based on the gag sub for Maskman.
    • Task 30 has Rika say that Justin losing his powers to save the Turborangers is dumber than the old lady saying that there are no such things as monsters in "Trakeena's Revenge" and all the times Tommy sacrificed his Zords.

Danny Phantom

Darkwing Duck
  • In the fanfiction series, Negaverse Chronicles, events in the Negaverse are shown rather than those of the regular universe from the show. In Bushroot's backstory, Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson start jokingly teasing him about how the potato Bushroot has been experimenting on is his new girlfriend, that it might start sucking his blood like a vampire, and that russets are evil. All of these things refer to an episode of the show, "Night of the Living Spud," where the normal universe's Bushroot tried to create a mutant potato girlfriend for companionship.

Death Note

Doctor Who
  • In "Game of Doctors" the planet the 9th Doctor starts on is called Maladoom, after the planet the 20th anniversary special was originally going to take place on.
    • The fanfic series of this writer also has a race called the Petrans, first appearing in Beginning of War named from and based on the enemies of the Daleks that would eventually become the Movellans in "Destiny of the Daleks".

Final Fantasy
  • The Tainted Grimoire has two:
    • One is Kain Kimahri, whose name is made up of Kain and Khimari, from Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy X, respectively.
    • The other is to do with Clan Tourneys. The Clan Tourneys shown are one-on-one duels, unlike the six-on-six shown in the games. It is mentioned that the Clan Tourneys used to be like the games but starting with the one we're shown, a format change was made to give smaller clans a chance against the larger ones.

Gundam Wing
  • Wings To Fly' uses the line "apparently the gravity screws with their heads, or some such spacenoid propaganda", sending up much of Zeon philosophy from the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

Harry Potter
  • Knowledge is Power: As is customary for the author, Mr and Mrs Granger are called Dan and Emma.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality:
    • Hermione starts a club named SPHEW.
    • A sixth-year Gryffindor attacks a sixth-year Slytherin with a curse without knowing what the curse does.
    • A second-year witch in Beauxbaton brews polyjuice and gets cat hair in it by accident, turning her permanently into a cat-girl.

Jackie Chan Adventures
  • In Queen Of All Oni, Jade creates a set of magic fans she can use in battle, a reference to the series' opening sequence, where she has a pair of fans.

Lyrical Nanoha
  • In Power Games Alicia mentions a story about a princess who slept for centuries after her kingdom was destroyed, which is referencing Ixpellia and serves as Foreshadowing for her early appearance in in the story.
  • In The Service makes a huge number of them. A Material-S reference dies at the hands of Vita in the second chapter; Isis Eaglet is a Combat Cyborg based on early fan speculations from her resemblance to Subaru and Ginga Nakajima; Uno and Signum discuss a world called "Lamia" and Uno describes it as "the loveless place" referencing Signum's status as an expy of Lamia Loveless; people who encounter Cypha of Huckebein tend to compare her to Signum though the two never meet in this continuity, referencing their fight in the canon.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • The fanfic, Equestria: A History Revealed, is practically built upon the whole concept, with references from large past events to the minute historical details brought up in the show. The author even slips in some references to past generations and fanon material. The Bibliography itself should be prominently mentioned in this, with tiny jokes and details regarding background characters and historical books brought up once in the show.
  • There's so many in the fic Rainbow in the Dark that the author and editor released a special chapter full of trivia and extras.
  • Anthropology: Lyra's birth name was Heartstrings, but she prefered the name Lyra, since it was more of a human name. A reference to the fact that when her toy first came out, it was named Heartstrings, but the fans prefered the name Lyra, and thus she renamed as such.
  • Tealove's Steamy Adventure has a scene where a Mad Scientist tries to change Tealove's eye color. This is a nod to Tealove's inconsistent color in the official tie-in media: the original Tealove toys had pink eyes, but she suddenly had blue eyes when she appeared in the IDW comicbook.
  • Bad Future Crusaders contains a few nods to previous generations of My Little Pony:
    • Sonhos Vale, the country where Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon grew up after leaving Equestria, is Portuguese for "Valley of Dreams".
    • Pavel, the gryphon who Apple Bloom was friends with in her youth, was from a country or town called "Grogary Gorki", which is Russian for "Grogar's Mountain"
    • There is also a filly at one point who shares a color scheme, interest in being an environmentalist, and a father who works for the paper, with a pony from My Little Pony 'n Friends. Since it's actually Bright Eyes the changeling in disguise, he also shares the same name.

  • In the fic Dead Garden, where instead of Naruto, is Sakura the one with the Nine Tails sealed within her Chapter 2 states that both Sakura and Kakashi are fans of the "Gutsy Shinobi" books series, and Naruto hating them all 'cause people keep comparing him with the Naruto from the book (which ironically would be the canon Naruto since one of them is titled "Gutsy Shinobi Clash In The Land Of Snow") It has become some sort of Running Gag given that these books are mentioned at least once in every chapter afterwards.
  • Several such gags abound in Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox. One of the earliest ones concerns the code-names that the Kyuushingai use to identify each other—these are references to the Bijuu each of them hold in the main series, more specifically, the Biijus' actual names. For example, Naruto is known as "Kurama the Fox"; in the main series, Kurama is the name of the Kyuubi, whose form is that of a fox. Naruto lists off all the names in Chapter 3 to prove he is a former member of the Kyuushingai.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Evangelion 303:
    • One of the plug suit designs is modeled after the ones from Rebuild Of Evangelion.
    • In this scene Shinji tells "Sorry" and Asuka gets angry with him because she does not believe he is sorry at all.
    • Rei slaps Shinji as she did in episode 5 of the series.

Sailor Moon
  • In A New Order Zoicite dies when he's reduced to a charred, blackened skeleton. This was what happened to Jadeite in the manga.

The Smurfs
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf : Narrator in "Empath's Wedding" recites a modified version of his Gargamel battle sequence speech from The Smurfs during a similar one in the Imaginarium, with Grouchy reacting the same way.
    Narrator: There comes a time when every Smurf must stand up for what is good and cute and blue in the world. And on this very night before Empath and Smurfette's wedding, that time is now!
    Grouchy: Hey, seriously?
    Narrator: Sorry, it's kind of what I do.
    • In "Gargamel's First Catch", which is an adaptation of "The Smurfnapper" from the comic books, Duncan tells the fallen Gargamel that he would have made haggis from his innards, which is what Gutsy said to Patrick Winslow in The Smurfs movie.
    • Jokey in "Empath The Bandit Smurf" (an adaptation of "The Jewel Smurfer") lampshades that he should have been the one who was lost and taken instead of Empath, since that's what happened in the original story.
  • In Raven Child's "How Things Smurf" from her The Smurfette Village series, there is a Synthetic Plague that wipes out the Smurfs and Smurfettes known as "The Blue Plague", named for one of the episodes in The Smurfs.

  • In the original Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker would sometimes sarcastically observe that "the old Parker luck is running true to form" whenever his Butt Monkey status came back to bite him. In Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light, Mary Jane Watson is much more of a Butt Monkey than Peter, and so she makes the same references to "the old Watson luck" when things go badly for her as well.

Star Trek
  • Reimagined Enterprise: All the time. One example is that, in a flashback showing the Eugenics Wars, Khan Noonien Singh's fanatical supporters shout their leader's name as a war in other words, "KHAAAAAAAAAN!"
  • Chapter two of Bait and Switch has a mention of Eleya straightening the hem of her uniform jacket as she gets out of her chair on the bridge, something Patrick Stewart did all the time that got nicknamed "the Picard Maneuver".
  • Legacy of ch'Rihan borrows Nero's "Hello, Christopher, I'm Nero" line from the 2009 Star Trek movie, only here it's Commander Saeihr t'Ethian he's talking to.
  • Reality Is Fluid: Given that the first part of the story is set on or near Deep Space 9, commanded by Captain James Kurland, the author couldn't help throwing in a "Kurland here" in one conversation.
  • The Wrong Reflection has Eleya mention she can't stand Earl Grey tea.

The Walking Dead
  • Shane's reaction to murdering Rick in Better Angels is a lot colder than Rick's reaction to murdering Shane in canon. However, there is a sentence that references the scene where Rick blames Shane for taking things this far, where Shane imagines Rick's corpse shouting this at him.
    Rick: You did this! Not me! NOT ME!