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Must Have Caffeine: Fan Works
  • In Project Tatterdemalion, a quirk of genetically engineered biology means that people with Psychic Powers- shinigami and Quincies- really do need caffeine as a basic nutrient, especially when they use their powers a lot. Shinigami in particular also like it because it makes their hearts beat faster- the process that makes them shinigami slows their heartbeats way down, and caffeine brings it back to normal.

Cross Over
  • In The Magic Of Torchwood, Owen runs on coffee. He is annoyed when he is without it. He spreads this irritation around.
  • Part 2 of Turnabout Storm starts with Phoenix craving for coffee after an almost sleepless night, followed by Twilight telling him nopony has any.

Death Note

Harry Potter
  • In 3 Slytherin Marauders Harry gave Snape a joke T-shirt one Christmas that sported a caricature drawn by Nymphadora Tonks and the caption "World's Best Father - After Three Cups of Coffee."

Mass Effect

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • A cultural trait of the reindeer in Under The Northern Lights. It is also Klatchian Coffee, at least according to Spike. This is of course because their real life counterparts, the Scandinavians, are heavy coffee drinkers.
  • There's also a fic called "Pinkie Pie Discovers Coffee". Hilarity Ensues when the already hyperactive and batshit crazy party pony does just that.

  • In the cracky fanfic Reload, a "Groundhog Day" Loop type fic that long ago reached the lets-goof-off stage, we have Sasuke (who is currently female, long story) get up and reach for the nearest cup of coffee. Naruto comments that it was boiling moments ago.

  • In the Sword and Shield Verse, a crime-based Pokémon fanfic, we have Brenda Johnson, our main OC character who's partnered with Mewtwo aka Vahan Smith. Just Brenda, who prefers her coffee "liquid, preferably alive". On the other hand, Mewtwo has stoutly refused to resort to coffee. Brenda considers that a sign of insanity.

Ranma ˝

  • Toy Hammer: Commissar Tomas Sturm takes a liking to Terran "recaff" (a.k.a. coffee).
  • Commissar Steve's entire motivation in A Day In The Life OFA Commissar is getting a cup of coffee. Justified, since his room-mate has night terrors and the beds are uncomfortable, so he barely gets any sleep. He goes completely berserk when he finds out Nathan Johnson, the Force Commander of the local chapter of the Blood Ravens, bought all the coffee on the planet. This escalates from teaming up with his Sitcom Arch-Nemesis, to challenging Johnson and his two friends ( The Librarian and Chaplain) to a cage match, to demanding the use of a Baneblade Super-Heavy Tank.

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