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Zomby is an electronic artist who has released records on Hyperdub, Werkdiscs and 4AD. His first album, Where Were U in 92? was a rave-inflected take on dubstep. His next album, 2011's Dedication, was a tribute to his deceased father and featured subdued, melodic elements. His most recent release is With Love, which incorporates many dance music sounds.

Zomby takes great pains to obscure his appearance, usually choosing to wear masks or otherwise cover his face.



  • Where Were U in 92?: 2008: Werkdiscs
  • Dedication: 2011: 4AD
  • With Love: 2013: 4AD


  • Mu5h/Spliff Dub: 2008: Hyperdub
  • Zomby: 2009: Hyperdub
  • One Foot Ahead of the Other: 2009: Inertia (IE) / Ramp Records
  • Natalia's Song: 2011: 4AD
  • Nothing: 2011: 4AD

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