Yukiko Okada (Born as Kayo Satō; August 22, 1967) was a Japanese {{idol singer}} in [[TheEighties the 1980s]]. She was a winner of the talent show, ''Star Tanjō!'' (a show predating what ''Series/AmericanIdol'' would be all about) and pretty much after that, the rest is history.

On April 21, 1984, Okada debuted with a single, "First Date". She was known as "Yukko" in the beginning of her career. Her 1986 single "Kuchibiru Network", reached number one on the Oricon weekly singles chart dated February 10, 1986. She was on her way to becoming a star and [[WhatCouldHaveBeen had she continued]], would've been as big a star as Music/SeikoMatsuda; another idol singer who was also very popular in her time. Aside from being remembered for her simple voice and [[TheCutie cute]], [[{{UsefulNotes/Kawaisa}} petite]], [[TheIngenue innocent]] looks, she was also remembered for how she died.

On April 8, 1986, two hours after her manager found Okada in her gas-filled apartment, crouching in a closet, sobbing with a slashed wrist, she jumped off from the seven-story building of the Sun-Music Agency. Copycat suicides followed afterwards and the term "Yukiko Syndrome" was coined. While there are some [[WildMassGuessing guesses]], the very reason why she took her own life is still considered a mystery. A detailed research and few speculations could be found [[http://yoshabunko.com/suicide/Okada_Yukiko.html here]].
'''Selected Discography:'''
* [1984.9.5] ''Cinderella''
* [1985.3.21] ''FAIRY''
* [1985.9.18] ''Jyūgatsu no Ningyo''
* [1986.3.21] ''Venus Tanjō''
!!Provides examples of:
* AccidentalMisnaming: A nervous Okada introduced herself as 'Yukko' and the name has since gotten stuck until becoming an AffectionateNickname.
* DeadArtistsAreBetter: She's not at all that remarkable and even her voice is nothing special. There are definitely better and more talented idols in her era, yet the only reason why she's so well-remembered and cherished today is because of, well, [[CaptainObvious her suicide at such a young age]].
* DrivenToSuicide: [[TheUnreveal For rather vague reasons]].
* IdolSinger: She seems to be the most basic example of one.
* MoeStare: You're blind if you've not seen this in her music videos. [[CaptainObvious Or picture above]]...?
* {{Seppuku}}: See above on how it counts. There's mention of her name in the trope itself.
* TeenIdol
* TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth