Vision Divine is a PowerMetal band from UsefulNotes/{{Italy}} formed in 1998 as a side project of Music/{{Labyrinth}}'s guitarist Carlo Andrea "Olaf Thorsen" Magnani, which also features RhapsodyOfFire's (in that moment, simply Rhapsody) singer Fabio Lione. The name of the band is composed by the previous name of Labyrinth (Vision) and the supposed name of Olaf's first solo album (Divine). The band had many lineup changes, with Olaf as the only constant member.

They are currently in a hold-on, due to Olaf's return to Music/{{Labyrinth}} and Fabio Lione's return to RhapsodyOfFire.

* Fabio Lione - vocals
* Carlo Andrea "Olaf Thörsen" Magnani - guitar
* Cristiano Bertocchi - bass
* Federico Puleri - guitar
* Alessio "Tom" Lucatti - keyboard
* Alessandro "Bix" Bissa - drums

* ''[[SelfTitledAlbum Vision Divine]]'' - 1999
* ''Send Me An Angel'' - 2002
* ''Stream Of Consciousness'' - 2004
* ''The Perfect Machine'' - 2005
* ''The 25th. Hour'' - 2007
* ''9 Degrees West To The Moon'' - 2009

!The band has examples of:
* CompellingVoice: In "New Eden", from ''Vision Divine'':
--> Shall you kneel down to me...
--> I am your reason to be...
* ConceptAlbum: The three albums with Luppi, ''Stream of Consciousness'', ''The Perfect Machine'' and ''The 25th. Hour''. The latter is a follow-up to the first, thematically-wise.
* CoverVersion: "[[Music/{{Europe}} The Final Countdown]]", "[[Music/{{aha}} Take On Me]]", "[[Music/{{Helloween}} Invitation/Eagle Fly Free]]", "[[Music/{{Queensryche}} The Needle Lies]]", "[[Music/DreamTheater Another Day]]", "[[Music/JudasPriest A Touch Of Evil]]" and "[[Music/IronMaiden Wasted Years]]".
* EightiesHair
* EpicRocking: Mostly averted [[AwesomeMusic/PowerMetal for the genre]], except in "Letter to my child never born" from ''9 Degrees West To The Moon'', (8:56) "The Perfect Machine", from the eponymous album (7:56) and "Colours Of My World" from ''Stream Of Consciousness''. (7:24) And those are just the examples over the 7-minutes mark.
* ScienceIsBad: ''The Perfect Machine'' deals with a history about a scientist who discovered the key to eternal life.