Music: Vaniru

Vaniru is a Visual Kei Electro-Goth duo that debuted March 1, 2013. It consists of vocalist LEONEIL, guitarist YUTO, and will occasionally use a touring bassist. It is highly similar to the 2000s-2010s era of Buck Tick, heavily playing upon many of the same tropes and method of performance, and with Leoneil and Yuto looking very much like Atsushi and Imai in their photoshoots and videos. The band has released three singles, Cosmic Night, Zakuro, and High Fantasy, and Performance Video for Cosmic Night and Zakuro, and has performed alongside other new bands, most notably Adams.


  • LEONEIL - vocals
  • YUTO - guitar


  • Cosmic Night - March 1 2013
  • High Fantasy -
  • Zakuro

Vaniru Provides Examples of:
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