Anna-Catherine Hartley (born December 9, 1987), better known as Uffie, was born in America, raised in Hong Kong, and is now based in Paris. She is known for her [[ElectronicMusic electro]]/[[AlternativeRap rap]]/SynthPop style and frequent collaborations with Ed Banger labelmates. Uffie is also known to be a muse to many influential French D[==]Js. She tends to make songs about partying, some of which are [[StealthParody satirical]]. Unusually, she has achieved a large amount of acclaim despite having yet to release a full-length album.

Her live performances have drawn comparisons to the Creator/AndyWarhol art movement. Uffie has been described as having "a deliberately staid anti-flow delivery that walks a fine line between electro and nu-skool rap." Sometimes, she [[FakeBrit uses a fake English accent]], drawing sharp contrast between the "fancy" and "proper" sounding accent and frank, tough, party-oriented lyrics. Despite only having one album, the ''extremely'' anticipated ''Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans'', she has achieved a high level of acclaim both in France and abroad.
!! Uffie is an example of:
* BadGirlSong
** "Badass bitch, I'm rated X..."
* BoastfulRap: "Pop the Glock".
** "I'm like, [[TitleDrop hot chick]] that you can't even touch."
* TheLadette
* ListingCities: Most noteworthy, in "Ready To Uff".
* LyricalDissonance: Admit it, half her appeal is hearing a cute girl like her recite profane, self-aggrandizing rap lyrics in a deadpan monotone.
* TheMuse
* PissTakeRap: How much of her lyrics are serious and how much are StealthParody?
* RevolversAreJustBetter: "Pop the Glock" features a sound effect of a [[RussianRoulette spinning chamber.]] [[RuleOfCool Glock doesn't even make revolvers.]]
* RockstarSong: Common, especially in songs such as "Robot Oeuf".
* SillyLoveSongs: "F1rst Love".
* StealthParody: A few songs, including "ADD SUV" which she described as "poking fun at the rap fraternity's obsession with possessions, particularly their cars..."
* WordSaladTitle: "Robot Oeuf", definitely. It also has ''nothing to do with the song''.