Trivium are a [[GenreBusting Sub-Genre Busting]] Metal band originating from Florida. Considering where they come from, however, they have surprisingly little DeathMetal influence.

Lead vocalist/guitarist and main songwriter Matt Heafy (arguably the FaceOfTheBand) joined in 1999, after impressing then vocalist Brad Lewter with a cover of the Offspring's "Self Esteem" at a high school talent show. The name Trivium had been decided before he arrived. No one in the band really knows its meaning (other than the literal Trivium of Studies) but they've kept it due to [[RuleofCool Rule of Cool]][[note]]"Trivium" means something like "crossroad" or "intersection" in Latin[[/note]].

The band debuted in 2003 with ''Ember to Inferno'' (a [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness weird early installment]]), recorded when Heafy was only ''17 years old'' (as mentioned, [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness it shows]]). The album received little mainstream attention, but it somehow got to Roadrunner, who signed the band, and they got cracking on a second album.

The band's second album, ''Ascendancy'', was a major success and was well received by fans, refining and focusing their sound into what was described at the time as a mix of old-school [[ThrashMetal thrash]] aggression with Metalcore screaming, breakdowns, and Drop-D guitar tuning. It is arguably the beginning of their trend of every album being a New Sound Album; this was solidified with 2006's ''The Crusade'', which almost completely abandoned Metalcore and focused everything on the [[ThrashMetal thrash]] elements and only previously hinted at [[ProgressiveMetal Proto-Progressive]] approach, as well as introducing the use of 7-string guitars, ditching Drop-D and screaming almost entirely in favor of an approach that critics and fans described as either "inspired" by Metallica, or "plagiarised" from Metallica (many of the BrokenBase fans who [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks broke off]]), especially since Matt Heafy sounds quite Hetfield-esque when singing. Critical reception was overall positive, but the album caused a BrokenBase, typically along the lines of TheyChangedItNowItSucks vs. GrowingTheBeard, especially for Metal fans who still haven't gotten into screaming vocals.

While it can still be considered a NewSoundAlbum in its own right, it's best to imagine 2008's ''Shogun'' as taking everything from ''The Crusade'' and cranking it UpToEleven. (Considering what could be said to be the simplicity of concept in ''Ascendancy'' then SerialEscalation). The songs were longer, faster, and more technical, all of which could be said about the guitar solos as well; screaming was re-incorporated; the 7-strings were used on at least half of the songs; and even the 8-minute instrumental album closer [[EpicRocking "The Crusade"]] from the previous album was taken to its logical extreme on ''Shogun'' with ''its'' title track, an 11-minute song (with vocals) that's even more progressive than "The Crusade" (though not as technically difficult to perform, which is part of the reason "The Crusade" was an instrumental to begin with, according to WordOfGod).

''In Waves'' was released in 2011 and was more of a return to the style seen in ''Ascendancy'' rather than the previous two albums. It was the first album recorded with drummer Nick Augusto, who had replaced Travis Smith. The album saw the departure of the 7-string guitars, opting for the standard 6-strings in Drop-C# tuning[[note]]Drop-D with all strings down a half-step[[/note]]. It was met with generally positive reception, although was criticized for being over-produced and inconsistent.

''Vengeance Falls'', was released on October 15th, 2013. It was also the band's last album with Augusto, who was fired in May 2014. He was later replaced with Mat Madiro in July. Their latest album, ''Silence in the Snow'', was released on October 2, 2015. It is also their only album with Madiro as he was later replaced by Paul Wandtke in December. Wandtke himself lasted almost exactly a year and was let go of around the very end of 2016; [[Music/{{Arkaik}} Alex Bent]] is his replacement.

* ''Ember to Inferno'' (2003)
* ''Ascendancy'' (2005)
* ''The Crusade'' (2006)
* ''Shogun'' (2008)
* ''In Waves'' (2011)
* ''Vengeance Falls'' (2013)
* ''Silence in the Snow'' (2015)
* ''The Sin and the Sentence'' (2017)

* Matt Heafy: Lead vocals, guitar
* Corey Beaulieu: Backing vocals, guitar (2003-present)
* Paolo Gregoletto: Backing vocals, bass (2004-present)
* Alex Bent: Drums (2017-present)

* Travis Smith: Drums (2000-2009)
* Brent Young: Guitar (2000-2001), bass and backing vocals (2001-2004)
* Brad Lewter: Vocals (2000)
* Nick Augusto: Drums (2010-2014)
* Mat Madiro: Drums (2014-2015)
* Paul Wandtke: Drums (2015-2016)


!!This band provides examples of:
* AfroAsskicker: Alex Bent, at times.
* AGodAmI: In "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr": ''"You will scream, 'Oh God, why?'/ 'Cause I'm God, that's fucking why!"''
* AlbumTitleDrop: Every album has a title track. "Shogun" averts this, however, because the word is not actually anywhere in the song.
* AudienceParticipationSong: "A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation": HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY!
** "Dusk Dismantled", where Heafy requires the audience to say those two words.
** Also, the single off ''Vengeance Falls'' "Strife".
** "Anthem (We Are The Fire)" from The Crusade is a good example of this because of its Music/{{Metallica}}-esque "WHOA-OH, WHOA-OH" parts and the titular "We are the fire!"
* BadassBeard: Beaulieu.
* BadassBoast: Heafy's lyrics are given to these, often coinciding with awesome moments. Also, song title [[GratuitousJapanese "Kirisute Gomen"]] (lit. "I apologize in advance for striking you down.")
* BalladofX: "And Sadness Will Sear" is this for [[ Matthew Shepard]]. (See MoralityBallad below).
* ButNotTooForeign: Matt, who is half-Japanese and half-Irish.
* CommonTime: Most of their material.
* ConceptAlbum: ''Vengeance Falls'' seems to be leaning towards this.
* CoverVersion:
** [[Music/{{Metallica}} "Master of Puppets"]], [[Music/IronMaiden "Iron Maiden"]], [[Music/{{Sepultura}} "Slave New World"]], [[Music/{{Blink 182}} "Damnit"]] and [[Music/TheMisfits "Skulls...We Are 138"]].
** The band also encourages fans to post covers of their songs to Youtube. There's even a [[ video where they watch some]], [[SelfDeprecation and Matt compliments someone for being able to understand his]] [[TheUnintelligible "jumbled yelling"]].
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: ''Ember To Inferno''. Specifically, the use of dissonance and UncommonTime makes it sound especially weird, more akin to Deathcore than the band's signature Metallica-meets-Killswitch Engage Thrash/Metalcore sound they're known for these days.
* EpicRocking: Being a metal band, it'd be almost impossible not to have a few moments of this, but in truth, it doesn't apply to most of their songs, except for "The Crusade" (the title track of the album) and ''Shogun'' (about 60% of the album, as well as the title track).
* {{Fading into the Next Song}}: "Ignition" into "Dentonation".
* FourTemperamentEnsemble:
** Matt: Choleric
** Corey: Melancholic
** Paolo: Phlegmatic
** Alex: Sanguine
* GenreBusting: [[MelodicDeathMetal Melodic]] {{Metalcore}} and ThrashMetal, with influences from ProgressiveMetal and modern rock.
* GratuitousJapanese:
** "Kirisute Gomen". The title originally meant "Authorization to cut and leave," meaning that Samurai had the right to strike down a member of the lower class who was compromising the Samurai's honor. A more literal translation often provided in modern times is "I apoligize in advance for striking you down."
*** The version offered [[WordofGod By Heafy Himself]] was "I apologize, but I must remove your head.". The songs lyrics feature not only the japanese phrase itself as a sort of hook, but one of the [[MetalScream Metal Screams]] is "I'LL TAKE THEIR FUCKING HEAD!"
** A visual rather than verbal example on the cover of ''Shogun'': the title is written in kanji (将軍) rather than in English.
* HarshVocals: See MetalScream.
* {{Harmony}}: This happens on guitars a lot. "But it's metal!", You say. No. They do it [[UpToEleven more than Iron frikkin' Maiden]].
* LastChorusSlowdown: "To The Rats" resulting in an IncrediblyLongNote ending.
* LeadDrummer: Alex Bent was famous for his incredible technical ability well before he was ever in Trivium and is also a minor name in gospel.
* {{Leitmotif}}: The acoustic guitars in the intro of "Kirisute Gomen" play the chorus melody of "Shogun".
* LighterAndSofter: ''Vengeance Falls'' cuts down on the HarshVocals and features several songs with a more HardRock sound. ''Silence in the Snow'' goes even further, consisting solely of clean singing and eliminating all metalcore influences in favor of a classic HeavyMetal sound.
* LoudnessWar: Their first six albums had this problem by being heavily brickwalled and having noticeable clipping issues. However, 'Silence In The Snow' completely averts this by having an expanded dynamic range (around a DR 10) with almost no clipping to be found, a rarity for mainstream modern metal band.
* MetalScream: Matt Heafy has a very recognizable Type 1 that is a very hoarse roar. He is also capable of Type 2s but almost never uses them.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: A solid 8.
* {{Mondegreen}}:
** [[MemeticMutation BOAT! RUDDER! STRANGE! MOUNTAIN!]]
** In "Kirisute Gomen", the lyric "He who walks the fire breathes" has been interpreted as "We all want to buy a fridge"
** Also, in "Becoming The Dragon" where the lyric "This dragon will rise and be king" is interpreted as "This dragon will rise and bake cake"
*** Even funnier when you interpret the line before at as "You'll never stop, the bakery, yeah!" instead of "You'll never stop, the becoming, yeah!"
** The first screams of the song In Waves (in which Matt Heafy ''actually'' screams "In Waves") have been interpreted as about everything from Egg Whites to Eat Wives.
* MoralityBallad: "And Sadness Will Sear" is this in regards to tolerance. It tells the story of [[ Matthew Shepard]], framing it as a sort of [[DownerEnding Tragic]] FairyTale.
* NewSoundAlbum:
** Most of their albums, to an extent:
** ''Ember To Inferno''/''Ascendancy'': Metalcore with a slight thrash influence.
** ''The Crusade'': More straightforward thrash. Guitarists Heafy and Corey Beaulieu have said their favorite guitar album is ''Rust In Peace'' by Megadeth, and many thought they were outright plagiaristic of second-era Metallica.
** ''Shogun'': A mix of their previous styles, with an added progressive edge.
** ''In Waves'': A return to their ''Ascendancy''-era sound, with lower guitar tunings and slightly more emphasis on the thrash elements as opposed to the metalcore (ie more galloping triplets, less breakdowns). [[WordOfGod According to the band]], they think the last two albums were too show-off-y, which is why they're returning to their roots.
** ''Vengeance Falls'' goes back to a sound somewhere between ''Ascendancy'' and ''The Crusade'' and throws in a whole lot of modern rock elements.
** ''Silence in the Snow'' is largely a full jump to modern rock with a few trappings of their older material peeking out here and there.
** ''The Sin and the Sentence'' is basically ''Ascendancy'' with more clean vocals and far busier and more technical drumming.
* PetTheDog: Since they're a Metal band (and thus scream and sing about some very evil things, even if they are vehemently disagreeing with said evils), the video for "Shattering the Skies Above" arguably counts.
* ProtestSong: Half of their songs are this, in one form or the other.
* RecordProducer:
** Jason Suecof on their first three albums. He plays guitar solos on "Pull Harder On The Strings of Your Martyr" and "The Rising". He's well known for his work with Metal bands.
** Nick Raskulinecz of Rush-production fame on ''Shogun''.
** And [[Music/{{Disturbed}} David]] [[Music/{{Device}} Draiman]] on ''Vengeance Falls.''
* {{Rockumentary}}: The Special Edition of ''Shogun'' had one of these about the making of the album. ''In Waves'' had one on it's Special Edition as well.
* SelfBackingVocalist: Matt Heafy in the studio. Live, bassist Paolo Gregoletto covers backing singing, and co-guitarist Corey Beaulieu covers most screaming if a song is mostly singing. WordofGod says Matt has a hard time adjusting between the two mid-song, though he does on occasion (several songs off ''In Waves'' as well as Becoming The Dragon).
* SelfTitledAlbum: They had a self-titled demo album before ''Ember to Inferno''.
* SerialEscalation: Every album has a [[NewSoundAlbum new sound]], has more greens tossed into the [[WordSaladTitle word salad]], has more EpicRocking, guitar solos, etc.
* SongStyleShift: "Shogun". (See SubduedSection.) And then it shifts back.
* SopranoAndGravel: Heafy's vocals alternate between a MetalScream and PopPunk-esque singing. ''The Crusade'' ditched this in favor of a raspy singing style that sounds a lot like James Hetfield. ''Shogun'' blended all three voices together, while subsequent works eliminated the Hetfield voice in favor of the screamed-verse-sung-chorus format.
* SpecialGuest: The status of Madiro and Wandtke. On album, Alex Vieira (Cannae) and Jason Suecof (Capharnaum, also their producer from ''Ember to Inferno'' to ''The Crusade'') have both contributed guest leads.
* SpiritualSuccessor: Most music critics and metalheads have likened them as a true successor to Music/{{Metallica}} themselves, for many, ''many'' reasons. [[ Skeptical yet?]]
* StepUpToTheMicrophone: Matt Heafy had to do this when Brad Lewter left the band.
* SubduedSection: "Shogun". Combined with EpicRocking at about a 2 on the [[MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness Mohs Scale]].
* WordSaladTitle: Their song titles often seem like this, for example, "Inception, the Bleeding Skies", or "Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr".
* WordSaladLyrics: "Dusk Dismantled".