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Music: Trisha Yearwood
Trisha Yearwood is a Country Music singer. She made her debut in 1991 with "She's in Love with the Boy", a number 1 hit on the country charts. Yearwood remained a fairly constant presence on the country charts until the end of the decade. After a hiatus, she made a brief comeback in 2005, another in 2007-2008 with an album for Big Machine Records, and a third in 2014 with the Kelly Clarkson duet "PrizeFighter".

Yearwood is best known for her marriage to Garth Brooks, to whom she has been married in 2005. Before that, she was married to Robert Reynolds, bass guitarist for the country band The Mavericks.

Her songs provide examples of:

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: "Walkaway Joe" gives an excellent example of why this isn't a great trope to live your life by.
  • Gender Neutral Writing: "Jackie's House" never reveals the gender identity of the eponymous Jackie.
  • Let Her Grow Up, Dear: "She's in Love with the Boy" has a classic example of this in its third verse, where Katie's father is about to unleash his wrath upon Katie's boyfriend Tommy when they come home after midnight. Katie's mother breaks in and reminds her husband that he wasn't that much different from Tommy back in the day, and that they had faced just as much opposition from her father.
    "My daddy said you wasn't worth a lick;
    When it came to brains, you had the short end of the stick.
    But he was wrong, and honey, you are too.
    Katie looks at Tommy like I still look at you."
  • Listing Cities: Done briefly in "You Can Sleep While I Drive":
    We'll go through Tucson up to Santa Fe
    And Barbara in Nashville says we're welcome to stay
    I'll buy you boots down in Texas, a hat from New Orleans…
  • Love Nostalgia Song: "Georgia Rain".
  • Not Staying for Breakfast: "Walkaway Joe": Somewhere in a roadside motel room/ Alone in the silence she wakes up too soon/ And reaches for his arm/ But she'll just keep reachin' on...
  • Parental Hypocrisy: "She's in Love With the Boy" is about a girl who's in love with a boy while her father complains about how stupid and worthless the boy is; it's revealed in the third verse that the girl's parents' relationship was very similar to their daughter's in its early days.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. Several of her albums were produced by Garth Fundis, and she was constantly involved from the beginning with Garth Brooks, whom she later married.
  • Your Cheating Heart: "In Another's Eyes".
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