[[caption-width-right:300:Whatever else you do, Stay True.]]

Thursday were an AlternativeRock band from New Brunswick, UsefulNotes/NewJersey. They were one of the forefathers and TropeMakers of the 2000s Music/{{Emo}} scene, credited for influencing many bands and bringing the emotive hardcore genre into the 21st Century. They would later switch to a more AlternativeRock sound with a bit of {{Shoegazing}} and PostRock elements while keeping what would be their distinct sound. They unfortunately have broken up as of 2011, after releasing ''No Devolución''.

After splitting ways, members have joined other side projects while Geoff Rickly has toured solo (with some help from backing members and friends). [[http://geoffrickly.bandcamp.com/album/mixtape-1 He released his first mixtape (read: EP)]] in November 2012, continued making music with his hardcore/powerviolence outfit United Nations and is now the lead singer of Music/NoDevotion, formed with the members of Music/{{Lostprophets}} who are not pedophiles.

The recent announcement of several reunion shows has suggested that Thursday may be back together.

!! Members:
* Geoff Rickly - vocals
* Steve Pedulla - guitar
* Tom Keeley - guitar
* Tim Payne - bass guitar
* Tucker Rule - drums
* [[SixthRanger Andrew Everling]] - keyboards (post-''War All the Time'')

!! Studio Albums:
* ''Waiting'' (1999)
* ''Full Collapse'' (2001)
* ''War All the Time'' (2003)
* ''A City by the Light Divided'' (2006)
* ''Common Existence'' (2009)
* ''No Devolución'' (2011)

Everything Else:
* ''Five Stories Falling'' (EP, 2002)
* ''Kill the House Lights'' (Rarities compilation, 2007)
* ''Thursday/Envy'' Split (EP 2008)

!! Thursday contains examples for the following tropes:
* AbusiveParents: The topic of "Time's Arrow".
* AlbumTitleDrop: The title of ''Common Existence'' can be heard in the closing track "You Were the Cancer".
* BrokenRecord: Repeated at the end of "Last Call":
--> "Everything is falling apart."
* CarefulWithThatAxe: Very often. From Geoff, backing band members, or guest vocalists (either Tim [=McIlrath=] from Music/RiseAgainst or Tom Schlatter from [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgA3WY74q-M You and I]]).
* CallBack: "The Other Side of the Crash" tells of the other viewpoint of "Understanding in a Car Crash".
* CoverVersion: They had quite a few, including Negative Approach's "Evacuate", Music/{{Buzzcocks}}' "Ever Fallen In Love" among others.
** And with his solo tour, Geoff has covered Music/BruceSpringsteen's "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbBTS5Tq5QI Atlantic City]]" and, bizarrely, Music/{{Usher}}'s "Climax" acoustic. The latter also appears on his mixtape.
* CrapsackWorld: The setting in "Paris In Flames" and "Autobiography of a Nation."
* DayOfTheWeekName
* DownerEnding: "i1100", the outro to ''Full Collapse''.
* DrivenToSuicide: Some of their lyrics revolve around the concept of suicide, and their experiences with loved ones who fell to this. One line in "War All the Time" talks about one of their friend's older brother who fell off a cliff.
* GriefSong: Geoff wrote "Standing on the Edge of Summer" about his dying grandmother.
* {{Joisey}}: The band is from New Brunswick. As you can tell from their lyrics, they're not very fond of their hometown. Especially evident in "Dying in New Brunswick" and "Counting 5-4-3-2-1".
* LiteraryAllusionTitle: The band, consisting of literature fans, has a lot of references in their lyrics. One of them, ''War All the Time'' is named after a Creator/CharlesBukowski poem.
* MadnessMantra: The end of "Into the Blinding Light".
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: ranges from 6 to 7, with some songs going as low as 3 ("Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart").
* NewSoundAlbum: started with ''A City by the Light Divided''. Their transformation would reach the apex with ''No Devolución''.
* PerishingAltRockVoice: mostly evident in ''Waiting'' and ''No Devolución''
* ShoutOut: The band, big fans of Music/JoyDivision, have made many allusions to the band, naming one of their early songs after their iconic vocalist, "Ian Curtis". Also, "Love Has Led Us Astray".
--> Love has torn us apart!
** The line "[[Music/NeilYoung the needle and the damage done]]" in "Understanding In a Car Crash".
* SpokenWordInMusic: Geoff loves to do this a lot. One of many examples in "Paris In Flames":
-->Here in this collapsed lung of a borough\\
There is no sunlight\\
The sunlight is manufactured in a windowless room\\
Distant and incoherent [[DrivenToSuicide businessmen hang themselves.]]
** ''Waiting'''s closing track "Where the Circle Ends" is just Geoff rehearsing a long poem set to the rest of the band playing.
* SurrealMusicVideo: "Signals Over the Air", "Cross Out the Eyes"
* TakeThatCritics: "Stay True":
--> "Disregard the critics' praise, they'll be the first to tell the news that you've sold your soul."
* TitleTrack: ''War All the Time''. ''Common Existence'' also has one, but it's been reduced as a B-side.
* TranslatedCoverVersion: Surprisingly averted with their cover of Music/SigurRos' "Ny Batteri". Geoff sings it as is, in Icelandic.
* UncommonTime: "Steps Ascending" is still a [[CommonTime 4/4 song]], but switches up to 7/8 time in the middle of the song.