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The band Rebel, Sweetheart Era
A Blues Rock/ Alternative Rock band formed in 1989. It consists of Jakob Dylan (lead vocals, lead guitar), Fred Eltringham (drums), Greg Richling (Bass guitar), Stuart Mathis (Lead guitar), Rami Jaffee (keyboards). There also used to be a slew of musicians that used to be part of the band.

Jakob Dylan, being the son of Bob Dylan, started the band in 1989. Looking to write classic Blues Rock with a modern edge to it, the band worked hard on songwriting for their first 3 years. Their self titled album was released in 1992, and went largely ignored at the time of its release due to the rise of Grunge. The album was also met with lukewarm reviews, most critics saying that Jakob was trying to be too much like his father.

They spent the next year trying to support the album, but Jakob's refusal to advertise himself as Bob Dylan's son and Virgin Record's failure to properly promote the album caused the band to have a fallout. They left Virgin and dropped most of the original lineup and signed to Interscope Records for their second album Bringing Down The Horse. This time, the band focused on a more edgy sound, straying away from the casual roots-rock formulas on their first album. This time, it was a commercial success. It went 4x platinum, and the songs "One Headlight" and "6th Avenue Heartache" were both chart toppers. The critical response was also MUCH more welcoming, with most publications giving the album a near-perfect rating.

They took a short break and then started recording again. They contributed a David Bowie cover with the song "Heroes" to the 1998 American Godzilla movie, that earned them a Grammy. They released (Breach) in 2000 to even more critical acclaim. This is often considered to be their best work, but it the album was mostly a commercial flop.

Desperate for another hit, the band didn't take long to record their third album, Red Letter Days. Released in 2002, the album became an indie hit, but failed to chart high. The critical reception was also diminished, once again receiving lukewarm reviews.

Then in 2005, they released Rebel, Sweetheart to more positive reviews, but even poorer sales. Exhausted, the band went on hiatus for six years, with Jakob Dylan pursuing a mostly successful solo career. They reunited in November 2011, and are currently on tour, with a new studio album named Glad All Over that was released in September 2012.

  • The Wallflowers (1992)
  • Bringing Down the Horse (1996)
  • (Breach) (2000)
  • Red Letter Days (2002)
  • Rebel, Sweetheart (2005)
  • Collected: 19962005 (2009)
  • Glad All Over (2012)

Jakob Dylan solo albums:
  • Seeing Things (2008)
  • Women + Country (2010)

The Other Wiki has a fully detailed page. Also, the band has its own webpage, which can be found here.

This Band provides examples of:

  • Artifact Title: Originally it was going to be on the album of the same name but due to meddling it was dropped.
  • Death by Despair: "One Headlight" in which the singer's friend dies of a "broken heart disease."
  • Epic Rocking: Mostly on the self-titled album where several songs qualify ("Honeybee" is 9:14, "After the Black Bird Sings" is 8:26, "Hollywood" is 7:02, "Another One in the Dark" is 6:31). After that, apart from bonus tracks or songs including hidden tracks, they only have one song that tops the six-minute mark, "From the Bottom of My Heart" on Rebel, Sweetheart. (A live version of "Invisible City" on some versions of (Breach) reaches 6:29, and "Birdcage" and "Babybird" are indexed as a single track which reaches 7:42, but they are two separate songs).
  • Greatest Hits Album: Collected: 19962005, a greatest hits album that completely ignored their first self titled album on Virgin Records
  • Hidden Track: "Babybird" follows "Birdcage" on (Breach), and "Empire in My Mind" is indexed as a separate, unlisted track on Red Letter Days.
  • Repurposed Pop Song: As of 2014, "One Headlight" is being used for Geico motorcycle insurance
  • Self-Titled Album: Their debut.
  • Shout-Out: "Sleepwalker" refers to Sam Cooke by name, as well as his song "Cupid".
  • Special Guest: Among others, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows on "Sixth Avenue Heartache", Frank Black of Pixies on "Letters from the Wasteland", Elvis Costello on "Murder 101", and Mick Jones of The Clash on two tracks from Glad All Over.
  • Titled After the Song: They're named for an obscure Bob Dylan B-side.
  • Tsundere: defined perfectly in "See You When I Get There" from Red Letter Days as "sometimes you're an angel but you're usually a pain in the ass".