The Tiger Lillies are a three man band from Soho, London, [[UsefulNotes/{{Britain}} UK]]. They sing about filth.

So... That's the short version. The long version is that the Tiger Lillies are a UsefulNotes/{{punk}} cabaret band led by classically trained falsetto/philosophy dropout Martyn Ja(c)ques, supported by two Adrians in silly hats: Adrian Hughes (on drums, toy cars and inflatable hammers) and Adrian Stout (on bass, theremin and backup vocals).

Their songs range from deranged screaming to touching sailor ballads, and their subjects are PlayedForLaughs and PlayedForDrama with equal abandon. The band isn't afraid to do cover songs, either. They have interpreted Music/JacquesBrel, Music/KurtWeill, Creator/StephenSondheim, Music/FrankSinatra and the Music/TheVillagePeople. They also have several ConceptAlbum projects and shows: One based on ''Literature/ShockheadedPeter'', one that's a parody of ''Theatre/TheThreepennyOpera'', and an album with Creator/EdwardGorey's unpublished poems, created at the request of by Gorey himself.

In the past few years, they've gone from piss-poor obscurity to international fame, playing high-end theatres all over the globe. Most recently, they were invited to play in Creator/BertoltBrecht's own Berlin theatre -- one of the ''very'' few occasions the theatre hosted anything aside from classical plays by its own ensemble. The band's celebrity fans include Creator/MattGroening, Creator/TerryGilliam, Music/TheDresdenDolls, Music/FranzFerdinand (who attend their concerts when they feel like it), Music/MarilynManson and Creator/DitaVonTeese (who used songs by the Tiger Lillies as their ''wedding music''), and [[Theatre/HedwigAndTheAngryInch John Cameron Mitchell]].

They have to be [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbEKFVCrArA seen to be believed]].

!!Tropes that have shown up in their works include:

* AssShove: "Hamsters" is about a man pleasuring himself rectally with hamsters.
--> "I love a little hamster up my rectum, it makes me feel so bright and so gay"
* BlackComedy
* BlackComedyRape
* BlasphemousBoast:
** "Banging in the Nails" is a happy song about crucifying Jesus.
** "Piss On Your Grave" is about murdering, in order, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, Jesus's Disciples, John the Baptist, St Peter, Jesus, God and Satan... and then [[ExcrementStatement pissing on their graves]].
* BungledSuicide: "Strawberry Jam"
--> "In a wheelchair now you are bound, your spine shattered when you hit the ground
--> But your suicide didnít quite go to plan, you didn't turn into strawberry jam"
* ComedicSociopathy
* CosmicHorror: Their show ''The Mountains of Madness''.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: Their album titles tend towards the brutally honest. For example:
** "Death and the Bible" is about... death and the Bible.
** "Circus Songs" contains circus-themed songs.
** "Farmyard Filth" contains "possibly the most extensive collection of songs dealing with zoophilia in recorded history".
* HarshVocals
* LyricalDissonance: The Tiger Lillies are made of this trope. Songs about the darkest of subjects - PlayedForDrama as often as they are PlayedForLaughs - set to happy cabaret music.
* TheOldestProfession: The subject of ''many'' of their songs.
* PedophilePriest: "Interfered With"
* PosthumousCollaboration: With Creator/EdwardGorey on "The Gorey End".
* PyroManiac: "Start a Fire".
--> "I like burning things, burning things is swell"
* VillainSong: "Charles Dexter Ward."