Music / The TV Tropes Awful Music Collective

The TV Tropes Awful Music Collective is a band started by Lordnecronus in the forum thread "Let's make shitty music together", which can be found here. The objective of it is to create an album of terrible music.

The participants are:

Current songs include:
  • "HoOSHA!" by AwESOME MOVIE SOUND NOISES!!! - Tribal percussion, distorted, enthusiastic monologues, and maniacal laughter. Quite terrifying.
  • "Imma Hard Durg Taker" by Zalgo of Broccoli - An indecipherable mess of random guitar notes, gratuitous Amen breaks and indecipherable spoken word.
  • "trapped in a room WITH NO ESCAPE" by the Buffoon Conspiracy - 7:19 of kvlt distortion and terrible black metal screams.
  • "Surpise Sex" by A Dyslexic Asian - Consists entirely of random synth washes played over three repeating bass notes. Pretty scary.
  • "Shojo Statistics" by A Dyslexic Asian - Randomised tribal percussion and more synth washes. A good competitor to "Surpise Sex" in the horror stakes.
  • "U Ain't Christian, Shawty (Pooprave Mega Mix)" by Breathe Broken Attack! - The crunkcore/deathcore crossover nobodynote  was asking for.
  • "I Am Going to Murder You" by Boosh Baloosh featuring the Fat Chinese Sluts Orchestra & Lower Dances - noise music. Bad noise music.
  • "Bend Over For Brootul" by Dead Goths Everywhere - Scorecore, a mixture of metalcore and film score. Epic Rocking ensues.

The TV Tropes Awful Music Collective provides examples of: