->''"That's right!"''
-->-- Jonathan Richman in every one of his songs.

Legendary ProtoPunk band from Massachusetts. The members consisted of Jonathan Richman and whatever musicians felt like working with him. Seriously, he's the only official member of the band.

They started 1970, trapped in obscurity. They recorded a few songs for an album that never got off the ground. They then disbanded, and got back together in 1976. This time they succeeded in releasing the album, with both the original tracks and some new ones they recorded. The self titled is considered a precursor to PunkRock.

After the album, Music/JonathanRichman started working with other musicians using The Modern Lovers name. They became a footnote up until around recently when they got some recognition for being amongst the Music/VelvetUnderground and Music/TheStooges as inspiration for punk. They're even given credit for jump-starting the UsefulNotes/StraightEdge movement with the song "I'm Straight", showing one of the earliest recordings of UsefulNotes/StraightEdge music.

Two early members of the Modern Lovers had success with other NewWaveMusic bands. David Robinson became the drummer of Music/TheCars. Jerry Harrison joined Music/TalkingHeads as a keyboardist/second guitarist.

Oh and their music is catchy and energetic. Think of Jonathan Richman being a less monotonal version of Lou Reed and add a touch of romanticism.

!!This band provides examples of the following:

* AirplaneArms: "I'm A Little Airplane"
* BreakupBreakout: Keyboardist Jerry Harrison went on to join Music/TalkingHeads and drummer David Robinson formed Music/TheCars.
** Frontman Music/JonathanRichman became a [[TropeMaker lo-fi]] singer-songwriter.
* DrugsAreBad:
** "I'm Straight". In fact, the title itself could be a precursor to UsefulNotes/StraightEdge.
** "She Cracked" as well. Drugs have a lot to do with her downfall.
* GenrePopularizer: Along with the Stooges and the Music/VelvetUnderground, they started PunkRock. Oh, and in a way UsefulNotes/StraightEdge.
* HaveAGayOldTime: "I'm Straight" is about not doing drugs.
* ShoutOut: "Roadrunner" lifts completely from the Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray".
* StopAndGo: The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu3TvC9CH18 live version of "Ice Cream Man"]], restarting and repeating the last verse ''seven times''.
-->'''Jonathan Richman:''' Thank you very much, our next song is going to be one about - ONE MORE TIME!