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Music: The Flower Kings
Sweden's gift to Progressive Rock. Originally a solo album The Flower King by Roine Stolt, which grew into a band that has been going strong for nearly twenty years now.

Band Members

  • Roine Stolt - Guitars and vocals, additional bass and keyboards
  • Hasse Fröberg - Vocals and guitars, additional percussion
  • Tomas Bodin - Keyboards
  • Jonas Reingold - Bass
  • Ola Heden - Vocals, keyboards and guitars
  • Erik Hammarström - Drums

Former band members are:
  • Michael Stolt - Bass
  • Jamie Salazar - Drums
  • Zoltan Csorsz - Dums
  • Marcus Lillequist - Drums
  • Daniel Gildenlöw - Vocals, guitars and percussion

Other Flower Kings collaborators include:
  • Ulf Wallander - Alto Saxophone
  • Hasse Brunuisson - Percussion
  • Pat Mastelotto - Drums

Studio albums:

  • The Flower King 1994 - recorded by the eventual band and counted as part of their discography despite being Stolt's solo album.
  • Back in the World of Adventures 1995
  • Retropolis 1996
  • Stardust We Are 1997 - 2-Disc release
  • Flower Power 1999 - 2-Disc release
  • Space Revolver 2000
  • The Rainmaker 2001
  • Unfold the Future 2002 - 2-Disc release
  • Adam & Eve 2004
  • Paradox Hotel 2006 - 2-Disc release
  • Sum of No Evil 2007 (originally called Love)
  • Banks of Eden 2012
  • Desolation Rose 2013

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