Tegan and Sara are an Indie {{Pop}} / Rock / Synth Pop band hailing from Alberta, UsefulNotes/{{Canada}}, led by identical twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin.

The twins began as musicians at about age fifteen, writing songs and playing guitar, and were able to record a few demo albums throughout their late teens, culminating in their first whole album ''Under Feet Like Ours,'' released independently in 1999, and they were placed on the figurative scene with their signing on by Vapor Records and the release of their second album, ''This Business of Art,'' the next year.

They'd prove to gain popularity two albums later (after ''If It Was You,'' starting with ''So Jealous,'') and have come out with another four albums since then (''The Con,'' ''Sainthood,'' ''Heartthrob,'' and ''Love You To Death'').

The two live and songwrite separately, each sister usually writing the music, and singing the melody to her own songs, which often results in their albums being interestingly divided stylistically in music and lyrics. In addition to [[CaptainObvious their music]], they're known among fans for their concert banter; approachable, likable, and very "real" personas; and, to a level, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking the fact that they're both lesbian]].

* Tegan and Sara Quin - Vocals, guitar, keyboard
* Brendan Buckley - Drums
* Gabrial Mcnair - Keyboards
* Eva Gardner - Bass


* ''Under Feet Like Ours'' (1999)
* ''This Business of Art'' (2000)
* ''If It Was You'' (2002)
* ''So Jealous'' (2004)
* ''The Con'' (2007)
* ''Sainthood'' (2009)
* ''Heartthrob'' (2013)
* ''Love You To Death'' (2016)

!! These musicians provide examples of:
* TheAllConcealingI: Most of their songs are written from the first person perspective and rarely use any gender specific pronouns or language. So the relationships described in the songs can be read as straight or gay depending on the listener's preference. Although, recently, Sara seems to be less ambiguous. (She mentions her girlfriend's makeup in the song "Now I'm All Messed Up", as well as mentioning "all the girls I've loved before.." in a line from the song "BWU".)
%% * AwesomeMcCoolname: Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin.
* BreakupSong: A few various ones. They'd include "Not With You," "You Went Away," "City Girl," "Don't Confess," "Where Does the Good Go," and "Call It Off." In general, their lyrics are often a bit melancholic. All of Tegan's songs in "The Con" was inspired by a breakup.
* BuiltWithLEGO: The music video for "Everything is Awesome," the song they recorded for ''WesternAnimation/TheLEGOMovie.''
%% * CanadaEh
* EvolvingMusic: From indie folk to rock to late '80s synthpop.
* IntercourseWithYou: "All You Got" is the best {{YuriFan}}s will get out of them.
%% ** "Closer" and "Bodywork" with Morgan Page could count too.
%% * LimitedLyricsSong: "Walking With A Ghost".
* LoveMartyr: The main character of "I Was a Fool" regrets having been one of these.
* LyricalDissonance: Most of their songs are ''extremely'' catchy and more than a few are pretty depressing once you pay attention to the lyrics.
* NewSoundAlbum:
** Synthed up ''So Jealous'' is a notable change from the comparatively folky ''If It Was You.''
** "Sainthood" was the rockier departure from "The Con."
** "Heartthrob" is a huge departure from *everything* they've done.
* NonAppearingTitle: The titles of ''Under Feet Like Ours,'' ''This Business of Art,'' ''If It Was You,'' ''Sainthood,'' and ''Love You To Death'' don't actually appear in the albums. ''Sainthood,'' however, is titled after the Leonard Cohen lyric that inspired its songs.
* SecretRelationship: "Boyfriend" is about the desire to make one public.
* SillyLoveSongs:
** If nothing else, "Underwater" actually uses the phrase: "For now, my head is in the clouds / I'm a silly love song / A twisted elbow crush song..."
%% ** "Closer."
** "Love They Say." Tegan even admits how cheesy the song is.
* SequelSong: Sara has suggested that "White Knuckles" could be this for "Like O, Like H".
-->'''Sara''': "...I think “White Knuckles” is a better version of “Like O, Like H.” It’s got a better structure. It’s sort of hard to articulate that — I know it as a feeling and a visual, but it’s almost as if you’re writing the same kinds of songs and making them better. Just rewriting them over and over and over again."
* SingerNamedrop: In live versions of "Divided", Tegan sings "Sara's out on the highway".
* [[ShoutOutMusic Shout Out]]: See the above comment about ''Sainthood.''
** Also Fat Mike of Music/{{NOFX}} shouted them out in a song about meeting one of them at a festival. Although he doesn't seem sure which one he met, the song was called "Creeping Out Sara."
*** Sara, when asked about the song: "I am Sara, and I was creeped out."
* StalkerWithACrush: "Living Room" comes off this way: "My windows look into your bathroom, where I spend the evening watching you get yourself clean..."
* TitleTrack: The song "The Con", from, well, you guessed it, ''The Con''. ''So Jealous'' also has a title track.
%% * TwinBanter: And HOW!
%% * VocalTagTeam