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Music: TISM
TISM in their ever-present balaclavas
TISM are shit, but who the fuck isn't?
"TISM Are Shit", The White Albun (the last song on their last album)

TISM (short for This Is Serious Mum) were a seven-piece anonymous Australian alternative rock/electronic band known for their satirical lyrics, energetic live shows and frequent piss-taking. Formed in 1982 in south-east Melbourne, they immediately broke up after a disastrous first gig (with every subsequent gig termed a "re-union gig"), before getting back together and releasing their 1988 debut album Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance to mild success. In 1995, with the release of their third album Machiavelli And The Four Seasons, they departed from the simple rock sound of earlier albums into a more synth-orientated electronic style. The change was a hit, and the album became their best-selling and most famous. They broke up in 2004 after releasing The White Albun, their sixth and final album.

Taking inspiration from The Residents, TISM were never seen without their trademark balaclavas and often sported elaborate costumes at concerts. The band used their anonymity to become the premier trolls of the Australian music scene, known for pranks on both the media and audiences alike (for example, turning up on Hey Hey Its Saturday with 28 band members, and playing a gig that lasted a whole 3 minutes). Naturally they courted a lot of controversy, most famously earning the ire of Australian-born Flea for a song about the death of River Phoenix, and getting sued by artist Ken Done for an album cover parodying his artwork.

While relatively popular in Australia, TISM are probably best known internationally for their 2004 single "Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me", due to the music video of a lamenting bunny becoming an early viral video on flash sites such as Newgrounds and Albino Blacksheep.

Principal Members (Stage Names in bold, Real Names (if known) in brackets):

  • Ron Hitler-Barassi (Peter Minack): Vocals
  • Humphrey B. Flaubert (Damian Cowell): Vocals, Drums
  • Jock Cheese (Jack Holt): Bass, Guitar, Vocals
  • Eugene de la Hot-Croix Bun (Eugene Cester): Keyboards, Vocals
  • Jon St. Peenis: Saxophone, Vocals
  • Les Miserables: Dancing, Vocals
  • Tokin' Blackman (James Paull, not actually a token minority): Guitar (died of cancer in 2008)


  • 1985 - This Is Serious Mum (demo tape)
  • 1986 - Form and Meaning reach Ultimate Communion (EP)
  • 1988 - Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance
  • 1990 - Hot Dogma
  • 1992 - Beasts of Suburban (EP)
  • 1993 - Australia The Lucky Cunt (EP, the aforementioned Ken Done sued them over its cover art, and it was subsequently re-released as Censored Due to Legal Advice)
  • 1995 - Machiavelli and the Four Seasons
  • 1995 - Jung Talent Time (EP)
  • 1998 -
  • 2001 - De Rigueurmortis
  • 2004 - The White Albun

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Now here we are at the last verse... I've lost interest.
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