[[caption-width-right:250:Why don't you hurry up and ... ''love'' them?]]

Stooshe are an English HipHop and RAndB trio, comprising members Alexandra Buggs, Karis Anderson and Courtney Rumbold. Formed and based in South London, the group has gone on to achieve two top-five singles in "Love Me" and "Black Heart". They have also supported the likes of Music/NickiMinaj and Music/JenniferLopez on tour.

Though their image is prone to people thinking of three [[Music/JessieJ Jessie J]]s put into one group, their music is actually soul reminiscent of groups such as Music/TheSupremes. However, their lyrics are often more explicit and [[ClusterFBomb swearier]] than the Motown songs they were inspired by.
* ''London With the Lights On'' (2013)
!!Stooshe provide examples of:
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: "Black Heart".
* AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent: "My Man Music", in the midst of Stooshe's {{Soul}}- and HipHop-inspired tracks, is a reggae fusion song [[InTheStyleOf reminiscent of]] {{Music/Rihanna}}.
* BeYourself: "Your Own Kind of Beautiful".
* BiTheWay: Karis. However, after a brief relationship with a woman she now labels herself as heterosexual. Courtney, however, is a confirmed lesbian.
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Courtney, Alexandra and Karis are the configuration of this, in that order.
* {{Bowdlerization}}: "Love Me". It includes, among its many edits, the line "turn it up and I'll go" in place of "make me come and I'll go". Which is good for radio and all, but it makes no sense.
* BreakUpSong: "Perfectly Wrong".
* TheCameo: T-Boz and Chilli make an appearance in the "Waterfalls" video. They don't look too pleased to be there.
* CelebrityEndorsement: For the new range of Toys/{{Furb|y}}ies.
* CerebusSyndrome: Set in ''right in the middle'' of the campaign for their ''debut album''. Listen to "Betty Woz Gone", "Fuck Me" and all of their other "early" tracks, then listen to "See Me Like This", "Your Own Kind of Beautiful" and their other "later" tracks. ''Big'' difference.
* CoverVersion: Their debut album will contain covers of Music/{{TLC}}'s "Waterfalls" and Salt n' Pepa's "Whatta Man". They also covered Ini Kamoze's "Here Comes the Hotstepper" for the ''[[Film/AmericanPie American Reunion]]'' soundtrack, as well as C+C Music Factory's "Things That Make You Go Hmmm..." as the BSide to "Black Heart".
* GirlGroup
* GoldDigger: "Hoochi Mumma", about women who deliberately trap men by getting pregnant.
* IntercourseWithYou: "Fuck Me". It's in the ''title''.
** There's also the LighterAndSofter Music/{{Beyonce}} soundalike, "Turning Me On".
* MeaningfulName: Their name is a portmanteau of "Stoosh", meaning anything from "good" to "stoned" (in addition to being the name of one of Skunk Anansie's albums), and "she".
* NotStayingForBreakfast: "Fuck/Love Me" is told from the POV of the person ... not staying for breakfast.
* [[OneWomanSong One Man Song]]: "Jimmy".
* PowerTrio
* RecordProducer: Almost all their songs are produced by Future Cut (Music/{{Shakira}}, Music/LilyAllen, Music/LittleMix, Music/MutyaKeishaSiobhan).
* {{Retraux}} / GenreThrowback: The majority or their music is based on retro soul, with "Ain't No Other Me" being a prime example. The video for "Slip" is also inspired by vintage TV shows and films, taking place in a ''Series/HappyDays''-style bowling bar.
* [[ScaryMusicianHarmlessMusic Scary Musicians, Harmless Music]]: There was actually a time when the group's image and sound actually matched up. Nowadays ... [[FreakyFashionMildMind not so much]].
* SelfTitledAlbum: Their debut album was going to b this at one stage.
* SingerNamedrop: In much of their earlier material, they had a tendency to say or sing their own name in their songs.
* StudioChatter: Again, in much of their earlier material.
* SurprisinglyGentleSong: "Black Heart" was this to the hard-edged "Love/Fuck Me" and the snarky "Betty Woz Gone". However, their newer output seems to be leaning towards a LighterAndSofter approach anyway with songs like "Waterfalls" and "See Me Like This".
* TitleOnlyChorus: "Betty Woz Gone".
* AWildRapperAppears: Suave Debonaire/Travie [=McCoy=] in "Love/Fuck Me".