'''Stephanie Leonidas''' (born 14th February 1984) is an English actress of Greek descent. She began acting in community theater at age eight, and at age nine began to act in television. She has appeared in the shows ''Daddy's Girl'' and ''Night And Day'', and is best known as the star of ''Film/MirrorMask''. She acts in film, television, and stage productions. She currently stars in the [[Creator/SciFiChannel Syfy]] show ''Series/{{Defiance}}'' as Irisa Nyira, an alien warrior who is the deputy and adopted daughter of Chief Lawkeeper Jeb Nolan.

Her brother Dimitri Leonidas and sister Creator/GeorginaLeonidas also act.

* ''[=Down to Earth=]'' (2000 episode "Best Beloved") as Chrissie
* ''Series/HolbyCity'' (2001 episode "Runaway") as Sarah Newman
* ''Night And Day'' (2001-2003) as Della Wells
* ''Daddy's Girl'' (2002) as Emma Cooper
* ''Fogbound'' (2002) as Annette, age 16
* ''[[Theatre/LaCasaDeBernardaAlba The House of Bernarda Alba]]'' as Adela
* ''Series/TheBill'' (2003 episode) as Kirsty Sullivan
* ''Danielle Cable Eyewitness'' (2003) as Kerry
* ''The Sugar Syndrome'' (2003 production) as Dani
* ''Series/DocMartin'' (2004 episode "Of All the Harbours in All the Towns") as Melanie
* ''Rose And Maloney'' (2004 episode) as Katie Phelan
* ''Waiting'' (2004 short) as Tawny
* ''Wall of Silence'' (2004) as Tracy Broughton
* ''Yes'' (2004) as Grace
* ''Beneath The Skin'' (2005) as Zoe Haratounian
* ''Empire'' (2005) as Girlfriend Olivia
* ''Feast Of The Goat'' (2005) as Uranita
* ''Film/MirrorMask'' (2005) as Helena
* ''Revelations'' (2005) as Athena
* ''Brief Encounters'' (2006 episode "One Night in White Satin") as Jay
* ''Crusade in Jeans'' (2006) as Jenne
* ''{{Dracula}}'' (2006) as Mina Murray
* ''Creator/AgathaChristie's [[Literature/MissMarple Marple]]'' (2007 episode "Ordeal by Innocence") as Hester Argyle
* ''{{Atlantis}}: End of a World, Birth of a Legend'' (2011) as Pinaruti
* ''How to Stop Being a Loser'' (2011) as Patch
* ''Luna'' (2011) as Fraya
* ''Series/{{Defiance}}'' (2013) as Irisa


* ActingForTwo: In ''Film/MirrorMask''
* AwesomeMcCoolname
* NamesTheSame: As ''[[Film/ThreeHundred the King of Sparta]]''.