A [[UsefulNotes/{{Sweden}} Swedish]] europop singer, born Petra Marklund.

!Tropes associated with September:

* AlbumTitleDrop:
** ''September'' has "September All Over"
** ''Love CPR'' is a lyric from "Resuscitate Me"
* BreakupSong: "Flowers on the Grave" and "Cry for You", among others. In interviews she has lampshaded the fact that she writes a lot of break-up songs.
* HeadphonesEqualIsolation: Subverted by "Party in My Head" in which the narrator wants people to come close so that they can hear what's playing on her headphones as well.
* HymnToMusic: "Music", "Party in My Head", "Mikrofonkåt"
* MeaningfulRename: With the GenreShift of "Inferno", she reverted to her birth name.
* OldShame: ''Teen Queen'', the album she released as Petra at the age of 15. To say nothing of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss7oiYdvnk0 "Birdie Num Num"]]...
* TemporalThemeNaming: Yes, her birthday is in September.