Music / Ricardo Arjona

Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales , born January 19, 1964 ,is a Guatemalan composer and Singer.Known for his songs that touch a variety of themes that range from abortion, kidnapping, inmigrants, parties, etc.


  • Déjame decir que te amo note  (1985)
  • Jesús, verbo no sustantivo note  (1988)
  • ''Del otro lado del sol” note  (1991)
  • “Animal Nocturno” note  (1993)
  • “Historias” note  (1994)
  • “Si el norte fuera el sur” note  (1996)
  • “Sin daños a terceros” note  (1998)
  • “Galería Caribe” note  (2000)
  • “Santo pecado” note  (2002)
  • “Adentro” note  (2005)
  • “5to piso” note  (2008)
  • “Poquita ropa” note  (2010)
  • “Independiente” note  (2011)


  • Black Gal on White Guy Drama: Ella y él note 
  • Executive Meddling: He actually suffers very little from it, specially now that he has his own record label. But he once implied about it.
    Arjona: My music is complex, it has hues from me and my people, my feelings, my sorrows, my doubts and, of course, what my record label says.
  • Gayngst: His song “Que nadie vea” note  about all the suffering that gay people has to go through.
  • Henpecked Boyfriend: "El demonio en casa" note  talks about a man convincing a girl to move with him, and regreting it when she forbids him from going out with his friends and inviting her mother to dinner, among other things.
  • Ice Queen: The subject of "Pingüinos en la cama"note 
    there are penguins in the bed, because of the ice you create.
  • Ironic Nickname: During his song "No me importa nada" note  mentions a guy that aparently only has one arm, and is called "octopus".
  • Jesus Was Way Cool: "Jesús es Verbo, no sustantivo".note 
  • Mood Whiplash
  • Not So Different: In the second part of "If the north were the south" he says that if the USA and Latin America changed places, "wenote  would be the same, or maybe a little bit worse".
  • Precision F-Strike: When he really want to take his point home.
  • Take That: He has mocked politicians, the justice system, the modern religion, love, among other things.