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Music: ROC

Stands for "Raps on Contact". Also known as Sol46, and his real name, Bryan Jones (not to be confused with Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones).

R.O.C. is a rapper from Detroit who cofounded the group House Of Krazees. The original lineup HOK broke up in 1997, and the two other members of the group, Jamie and Paul, went on to form Twiztid. R.O.C. tried to keep House of Krazees going with another rapper, Skrapz, but problems with the label led to R.O.C. and Skrapz forming Halfbreed and recording for another label before having a falling out. R.O.C. continued to work as a solo rapper, releasing assorted albums on various labels before becoming the hype man for Blaze Ya Dead Homie.

In 2008, R.O.C. signed with Hatchet House, a subsidiary of Psychopathic Records. The following year, however, R.O.C. announced that he was retiring from music. This didn't last long, however, as he has recently returned to making music.

Some of his releases include X-Posed, Welcome To The Darkside and Oh, Hell No!

R.O.C. provides examples of the following tropes:

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