Music / Propaganda

British-based German synth group active in the 1980s. Two proper albums were released under the name: A Secret Wish (1985) and 1234 (1990), though the latter tends to be the victim of Fanon Discontinuity due to the massive line-up changes and different sound.


  • Album Title Drop: A Secret Wish appears in the lyric to "P:Machinery". The title of the remix collection Outside World comes from "Frozen Faces".
  • Epic Rocking: There are 10-minute-plus mixes of "Dr Mabuse", "Frozen Faces", "p:Machinery" and "Sorry For Laughing". More tenuously, "Do Well" runs over 20 minutes but it's really five tracks, not one.
  • New Sound Album: 1234 was much smoother commercial pop.
  • Non-Appearing Title: "Dr Mabuse", "Duel", "P:Machinery".
  • No Pronunciation Guide: It's not clear whether "Lied" is meant to be read as the English or German word.
  • Rearrange the Song: There are five (ZTT) albums by Propaganda - the original A Secret Wish, plus Wishful Thinking, Outside World, Noise and Girls Come Out To Play and The Best of Propaganda, all of which are basically remix collections drawn from the same material.
  • Selective Localisation: The sleeve for the 12" edition of "p:Machinery" was basically the same the world over, except in Germany where the quotation from JG Ballard was changed to one saying that Germany has good architecture. The quote used elsewhere was one to the effect that the Baader-Meinhof group were driven to their crimes because Germany is so damned boring. (Which may sound harsh, but rather apt, bearing in mind that Propaganda themselves left Germany to seek fame and fortune in the UK.)
  • Shout-Out: "Dr Mabuse" (to Dr Mabuse), "Dream Within A Dream" (to Edgar Allan Poe).