Music: Prefab Sprout

Prefab Sprout are an English Sophisti-Pop band who were most popular in the 1980s.

Tropes associated with Prefab Sprout

  • Car Song: "Cars and Girls" is a Stealth Parody in the verses and an aversion in the chorus.
  • Christian Rock: The closing sequence of Jordan: The Comeback toys with it but remains ambiguous enough to avert the trope. However, Let's Change The World With Music ditches the ambiguity and definitely qualifies.
  • Eagleland: Paddy's love of Americana comes across quite strongly in several of the albums.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Missing his girlfriend who was away in the French town of Limoges, Paddy set about writing a song with the word "Limoges" in it. The result was Prefab Sprout's debut single, "Lions In My Own Garden: Exit Someone".
  • I Am the Band: Though he denies it, Paddy McAloon basically is.
  • Oop North: They come from County Durham.
  • Perfectly Cromulent Word: "rollmo" in "Machine Gun Ibiza". It's become a running joke in the fandom.
  • Rockstar Song: "Electric Guitars"