Pestilence is a Dutch DeathMetal band. Formed in 1986, they developed a cult following and shifted towards TechnicalDeathMetal with their album ''Testimony of the Ancients''. Then in 1993, they really divided fans by releasing a {{Jazz}} Fusion and ProgressiveMetal album, ''Spheres'', after which they broke up the following year. After a long period of absence, they reunited in 2008, and recorded a new album, ''Resurrection Macabre'', returning to their DeathMetal roots.

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!! Discography:
* ''Malleus Maleficarum'' (1988)
* ''Consuming Impulse'' (1989)
* ''Testimony of the Ancients'' (1991)
* ''Sphere'' (1993)
* ''Resurrection Macabre'' (2009)
* ''Doctrine'' (2011)
* ''Obsideo'' (2013)

!! Tropes:

* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Generally hovers around 9-10.
* NewSoundAlbum:
** ''Consuming Impulse'' was their first pure DeathMetal album; ''Malleus Maleficarum'' was instead death / [[ThrashMetal thrash]].
** With ''Spheres'', they shifted to a more {{Jazz}} influenced ProgressiveMetal sound.